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Grand National Festival - 11 -13 April 2024

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Ken4155 | 09:47 Thu 11th Apr 2024 | Other Sports
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The Grand National festival begins today and runs until Sat, with the big race itself due off at 4 pm. There is an ITV7 which, as one wpuld expect, is mainly catered for by 5 races from Aintree, with Souhwell providing a supporting role with the other two races. The first leg is at 2.20.

There are some smallish fields with well fancied favs and i will be keen to see if Nicky Henderson's stable is over whatever ailed it during cheltenham.



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Do any bookmakers offer odds on how many horses will be slaughtered ?


Question Author

Didn't take long, did it? If you lot were as concerned as you make out with the welfare of racehorses, you would start your own thread, and it would not be restricted to the Cheltenham and Aintree festivals.

Perhaps he was being serious Ken. The sickos will bet on anything.  

Question Author

Yeah, he might even be thinking of opening his own book?

No chance he is skint already. 🀣

Off out for the afternoon Ken. Not much to interest me there today but have done the ITV7 and a little e/w ***Trixie from 3 Aintree fields. Warm and sunny here today. Surprised we haven't had health warnings and advice to stay indoors out of the sun yet to file and forget with all the other gloom dirges. Good Luck. 

Sir Gino  2.20A
Shishkin  2.55A
Langer Dan  @11/1  3.30A*
Road To Wembley  3.40S
Benny's King  @13/2  4.05A*
How Impressive  4.15S
Heltenhamm  @17/2  4.40A* 


Question Author

Sun, what sun? Best of luck with yours, Togo.

3.18 Tau;  Flash Gorcombe @ 11/4 - 4 places

4.28 Tau;  West Orchard @ 7/2 - 4 places

4.40 Ain;  Whiskeywealth @ 6/1 - 5 places

5.23 Sou;  Airshow @ 13/2 - 4 places

20p L15, 2 x £1 e.w. accas. 4 placed = £25, 4 winners = £1,982.

ITV 7; Sir Gino*, Shishkin*, Bob Olinger*, Road To Wembley**, Time Leader (£5 win),How Impressive and Whiskeywealth. ** omitted from £1 e.w. acca.

* denotes Trixie/Treble for a poss £80.

Also had a little e.w. punt on Please Please Me @ 40s in the 1.55 Sou.

Best of luck, all.

Off out for the afternoon. ITV7 done and the usual small stakes ****E/W Acca, Trebles & Doubles.Good Luck.

Might I  @18/1  2.20A*
Mystical Power  2.55A
Cloudy Wednesday  3.08F
Jonbon  3.30A
Chatty Chic  3.43 F
Fantastic Lady  @20/1  4.05A*
Cherie D'am  @8/1  4.40A*

With***    Go Dante  @11/2  5.15A*


Question Author

Best of luck with yours, Togo. 

2.20 Ain;  Jango Baie @ 11/1 - 7 places - £2 win

4.05 Ain;  The Edgar Wallace @ 28/1 - 7 places - £1 e.w.

5.15 Ain;  Zeeband @ 7/1 - 6 places - £2 win

£1 Patent, 2 x £1 e.w. trebles. 3 placed = £95, 3 winners = £8,466.

Also a Trixie/Treble on Jonbon, Shanghai Enki and Shanghai Bob for a poss £115.

ITV7; above qualifiers, plus; Mystical Power and Cloudy Wednesday. £1 e.w. acca.

Best of luck, all.


Question Author

Just done a rev f/c with our two selections in the last, TogoπŸ™ƒ

Question Author

Just spent an hour poring over the myriad of stats for the Grand National. Though what good it will do me is anyone's guess. The stats were once rock-solid but have now become less so with the changes made a few years back. And now more changes will mean the stats will also alter. Meaning extra work for my slide rule and protractor.


As per usual, i have chosen five runners to carry my few quid (£20 in fact); 3 x £2 wins and 2 x £1 e.w. The unforunate five are; £2 wins on; Limerick Lace @ 9/1 (a mare, but a good 'un), Corach Rambler @ 17/2 (13lb more than last year but still 3lb 'well in') Mahler Mission @ 12s (been held back for this race), £1 e.w. on  Meetingofthewaters @ 14s (foolish not to include one of the Mullins raiders) and Latenightpass @ 40/1 (won the Foxhunters back in '22 and placed twice over the course - though not at this distance).

So, there's five to avoid if you're having a punt. The e.w. bets are to 6 places with 365. Betfred is going 7 places but Latenightpass (40s with 365) is only 28s with him. Not worth losing 12 pts for a place, imho.

Best of luck and may all get round safely.

Settled on Mahler Mission a few days ago after having a ponder. Drawn Panda boy in the ITV7 sweepstake and have a sneaky regard for the Mullins trained Stattler who arrives at Aintree in stealth mode. Just waiting to see whether there are any NRs and aso note that Mahler Mission has been done down from 20/1 last night. 

Question Author

Just putting finishing touches to the ITV 7 so i'll get my sweepstake horse after. Hope it's not some ridiculous price that tempts me into have a small e.w. punt on itπŸ™„

Yesterday was a strange one. I though I had dipped out but after logging on this morning found that I had unexpected funds in my 365 and skybet lockers. A quick look shows that I was a very fortunate recipient of the "extra places" offers. Fantastic Lady was 6th, Go Dante 5th and Cherie D'am 3rd giving me qaplace treble and 3 place doubles. Plus I had a place 5 timer on the ITV7 entants. Trebled my stake money and having a free day today. More of the same would do at todays prices. If Might I had been one place better I would have had a 3 figure sum back. 

my itv 7 


bolsovere bill

sam brown

king of brazil

sire du berlais

pipers cross

corach rambler

my lucky 15

50p e/w

13:20 aintree johnnywho 9/1  4 places

14:30 aintree falco blitz 16/1  4 places

15.05 aintree sire du berlais 9/2 4 places

17:35 aintree ma shantou 6/1 4 places



good luck to all


Good Luck Johnny   ...  365 are also offering a free to enter first 6 races Acca. Since most of us may already have 4 of them chosen it is a no brainer if you have a 365 account. 

sire du berlais = non runner πŸ™„

Off out shortly. Go and have a look at our new Old Colwyn promenade which was opened yesterday after being closed for 3 years for an £18million upgrade. The traffic has been murder some days with it closed so things should get better. Be nice to walk along it before it smells of dog pee. ITV7 done & **** E/W Acca, Trebles and Doubles. E/W Singles.  ### E/W Trixie.   Good Luck to all.

Staffordshire Knot  @18/1  1.55A*
Bells of Peterborough 11/1  2.15Ch#
Falco Blitz  @20/1  2.30A*
Walk In The Wild  @8/1  2.50Ch#
Champ  @25/1  3.05A*
Houston Calling  @8/1  3.32Ch#
Mahler Mission  @16/1  4.00A*

Also done Panda Boy and Stattler E/W in the National and Kinondo Kwetu e/w in the 2.30A.  

You have got an edit facility on the ITV7 site Johnny but your  punt with it in will need to be changed with whichever bookie you used. Some offer an edit option but it can get complicated. 

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Grand National Festival - 11 -13 April 2024

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