Saturday Punt 08/08/2020

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Togo | 12:04 Sat 08th Aug 2020 | Other Sports
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Lovely day and I am a bit busy filling a skip. Just about done with that, so have my punt and a shower then a trip down to the promenade for the breeze. No heroics today and being out means I will not have chance to cover and I can watch later on playback.
Jalaad @5/1 2.25 Ascot
Kaloor @11/2 3.00 Ascot
Ajyaall @10/3 3.15 Hay.
Danilova @7/2 3.20 Newm.
Fox Vardy @6/1 3.35 Ascot.

£1.00 E/W 5 timer 20p Win Super Yankee.

ITV7. Those five with Global Giant 2.40 Hay, & Magisterium 2.50 Newm. Magisterium has taken a walk out to 12/1 so I have put a quid E/W On it. Good luck if you have a go.


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Afternoon, Togo, and good luck. I've also got Magesterium in my ITV7 and, surprised at the price, I've had a couple of quid win on it :-))
Also done a stats/form bet today - something I usually save for during the week;

1.40 N; Wakening @ 8/1 - yard won this in '10, '12, '13, '18 & '19
2.05 H; Tomorrow's Dream @ 15/2 - yard won this in '14, '17 & '19
2.15 N; Jessop @ 8/1 - yard won this in '15 & '19
4.55 H; Outrage @ 4/1 - 3 of yards last 4 runners have obliged

20p Lucky 15, £1 e.w. acca. 4 placed = £33, 4 winners = £4,616

ITV 7;

Ejtilaab, Global Giant, Magesterium, Charlie D, Sansero, Danilova & Look Closely. £1 e.w. acca.

1.50 Asc; Equitation @ 13/2
2.25 Asc; Ejtilaab @ 14/1
3.35 Asc; Look Closely @ 9/2
4.45 Asc; Blue De Vega @ 13/2

Main bet. Win/e.w. singles, 20p Lucky 15, £1 e.w. acca. 4 placed - £43, 4 winners = £6,186

Also forgot to use my £5 free bet during the week so that's gone on a win single on Yes No Maybe So @ 10/3 in the 6pm Uttoxeter. Trainer/Jockey are 2/2 when teaming up at the track. Trainer currently operating at 50% strike rate while pilot is 40%.

Just hope today's research into stats, etc, bears some fruit :-)
Just the opening winner in the 'stats' bet but the main bet returns £85.55 for my £25 stake with a couple of decent priced winners and a 3rd place place for my e.w. Magesterium almost did it for us both, Togo, but just couldn't hold on to the lead. Still, you got a bit of e.w. back on it :-)
Racing on TV again tomorrow - what have we done to deserve this?
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//what have we done to deserve this?//

Haha. Made me laugh. Bleedin hopeless again this end. Varian is on fire and I can't understand why I fannied about looking for a punt, when I knew that, kept telling myself that, and ignored what I was telling myself.
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Plus... I am having an out of body experience watching the Cricket. (•_•)
And the Free £5 bet obliges for another £16.77 :-)

When looking at Ascot, I always make a note of the CD winners. One of the first I wrote on my pad was Hayley's winner - then promptly backed against it. Tonight's little bet has started with an 11/4 winner; waiting for Istimraar, Teqany and Present Chief. That or all 6 numbers in the Lottery :-)))))))

Cricket's not my cup of tea, Togo. I honestly would rather watch grass grow. Opposite 'Cricket' my school report said, "Ken picks a fine daisy-chain." Didn't mind playing it if I was in the thick of the action but found fielding mind-numbingly boring.
See Gulliver has gone to Ireland for the G3 race.
Might do a couple at Thirsk later, if I bother at all. And Silver Machine? in France.
Must admit, Spice, I was very tempted to include Gulliver in my ITV 7 but have instead opted for 2018 winner Speak In Colours. Wouldn't surprise me to see Gulliver heavily involved though as he has run a couple of screamers at this track, placed on both occasions. However, my selection has won 4 of his 5 races over CD and placed on the other; just tipped the scales. May do a rev f/c, though?

Nice to see little old Thirsk on the tv - love this track, very friendly folk both inside the stadium and outside in the market area.

2.30 T; Abate @ 9/2
2.40 W; Crystal Carole @ 11/2
3.05 T; Burtonwood @ 14/1
3.15 W; Air Of York @ 6/1

Win/e.w. singles, 20p L15, £1 e.w. acca. 4 paced = £42, 4 winners = £4,755.

ITV 7; Watchable, Tone The Barone*, Abate, Salayel, Steel Bull, Motakhayyel* & Speak In Colours*. £1 e.w. acca - less the odds-on fav.

*Denotes £1 Treble, £1 Trixie for poss return of £160ish.

Good luck if you're dabbling
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Afternoon guys. Did not look earlier, have had a busy morning. Done a little acca and the doubles and Trebles on these 4 just cos I can.

Redzone @8/1 3.05 Thirsk.
Glen Shiel @10/1 3.40 Curr.
Spring Run @8/1 5.05 Sal.
Shizaam @10/1 5.25 Curr.
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Will take the e/w acca all day tidy £65 for a hurried look, but it would have been niced with another win. Chester tomorrow....guess who is there mob handed?
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Chester also has all 7 races of the ITV7 featured. What are the chances of that happening?
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Just thinking about it. That Chester meeting in the height of Summer has been a wonderful thing in my life. It will be empty and echoing, instead of vibrant and dressed up in a linen suit and straw hat. Hope that they are on the walls along Nuns Road watching as ever.

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