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Togo | 13:53 Sat 30th May 2020 | Other Sports
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Scorching hot up here. Just back from a walk on the prom, lovely sea breeze down there.....I might go back. We are nearly there with a meeting taking place on Monday up there in Newcastle on the tapeta. With that in mind I have decided to keep my powder dry till then and have just done the ITV7 because it is free.....but covered the 7 and 6 timers just in case I get lucky. As yet I have not bothered with my usual punt but I may change my mind if the sun gets to me or the beer. Whichever first. I have had a look at the card up at Newcastle though, a ten race card with 3 nice handicaps and a full set of stalls for all ten races. I have been having a look at the form for the meeting and have, I think, winkled out a couple of runners that should go well on the Tapeta after showing well on less that firm turf, or that track previously. Certainly not a surface for anything that likes it's hooves rattling. The runners in the first 7 races at Gulfstream are below (ITV7) and as I said earlier I have for now just done the 7 & 6 timers very small stakes. Good Luck if you have a punt.

Scanno, Gruntled, Nowitna River, Sneer, Tuesday's Rose, Fiamma Mamma, Poseidon's Princess.


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Afternoon, Togo. Do not understand why the ITV7 is over the pond, once again, when there is some quite decent racing in France - over the sticks at Clairefontaine, and on the flat at Dieppe. The races making up the '7' are, in comparison, abysmal and I won't be taking part, this week. Free or not!
What I have done - because I will, at some point this evening, be watching - is to do a L15 with 2 from the Gulf and 2 from Tampa;

8.11 TB; Drill's Li'l Man @ 11/2
8.16 Gs; Union Lane @ 8/1
9.21 GS; Bad Beat Brian @ 7/2
9.47 TB; Lady Love @ 11/2

20p Lucky 15, £1 e.w. acca (no win singles). 4 placed = £19, 4 winners = £2,349.

Saving my win singles for my French bets. Thought I might have a 50p Patent/75p e.w. Treble up yesterday. First wins @ 17/2 (Beside), next comes in @ 20/1 (Estcourt backed down to 10s), but the third (Laranza) can only manage a 2nd place to the very aptly named fav Late Comer. I did have the forecast, though, (paid £31) and received just under £150. Probably why i'm sticking with the French this afternoon :-))
Like you, I really am looking forward to Monday and it may pay to spend some of tomorrow attempting to discover which stables have been able to keep their horses ticking over. I do know that Mark Johnston's stable have been keeping their horses as lively as possible.
Good luck.
Just been made official, Togo. Racing at Newcastle definitely goes ahead on Monday:-)
First one in France wins @ 8s, ridden by James Reveley. Went against his mount Enola Gay in 4pm and shouldn't have done. He and Felix de Giles are not doing too badly over there.
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Crikey it's hot. Ok if you like it( I do) but not everyone does. I had a non runner in the 4th leg so ignore Sneer and put in Winnipeg Wonder. Well do yesterday Ken....must confess that I have just ignored the racing over in Europe it just didn't feel as if I could get engaged with it....even less so than the American version. Besides the all weather at Newcastle on Monday we have the polytrack at Kempton on Tuesday and the first flat on Turf at Yarmouth on Wednesday. I note that "our mate" Koukash has a runner up at Newcastle on Monday trained by Fahey, Ken. We have both done it in the past. The 3.20 handicap.
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We do was meant to be well done.
I read something about Fahey's stable the other day. Apparently - like a few others I guess - he is trying to get as many entries as he can balloted into the first few days fixtures.
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Just read that the Football is definitely kicking off again behind closed doors on the 17th June and that The 2000 Guineas is to be run on June 6th.

I would hazard a guess that many sports will gently be eased back in. Surely the chances of catching the virus during outdoor pursuits are much more minimal than working indoors?
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Especially considering that all the players and staff involved in the training and games have been tested and will obviously be monitored on a daily basis. The greatest threat to any of them catching the virus is away from the club environment and with their families or when socialising or shopping. You know that some of them are not the brightest though. How long before player a is caught in flagrante. They won't be visiting a castle either.
I've read they'll be getting tested twice a week. Don't know whether these tests are the same as those being given to NHS staff and suspected C19 patients (big furore if they are!!) or whether they are something else altogether.
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Not paid for by the NHS Ken. All paid for by the clubs and F.L.
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Before the off I have done Scanno @9/4, Gruntled @11/4, Winnipeg Wonder @5/1, & Tuesday's Rose @6/1 £1.00 Acca 40p Doubles and Trebles.
"Not paid for by the NHS, Ken." Yes, I know, T, but that won't stop some on here (and elsewhere) venting their spleens :-(
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Ahh gotcha Ken. You are not wrong there. I suppose that anyone with the means and funds is getting themselves tested Ken. But as you say.
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Hopeless this end Ken. Never mind. I can enjoy myself as I lose come Monday. :)) You still playing the Dylan song I posted a month ago? I am.....kills me every time still. True Dylan classic.
Couple of winners in France and just the one tonight. Not brill but not a total disaster.
Course i'm still listening to Murder Most Foul. I have it on one of my YouTube playlists on my TV. :-))

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Saturday Punt 30/05/2020

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