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Togo | 12:23 Sat 13th Jun 2020 | Other Sports
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The racing is back in full swing spectators or not. Normal service as regards poor entries for good races like a £10,400 prize money handicap for 3yr olds, with just 5 runners. Don't listen when the trainers and owners say that they need funds if they cannot turn out for top money races. Royal Ascot starts on Tuesday and we will see how many runners the races attract then. Had to cast a wide net today looking for a bit of value, and have done the ITV7 cos it is free. Also done a little double at Doncaster on a couple of horses I had in "my stable" in Gossip 12.30 and King's Pavilion 3.25. The latter is at 33/1 and I have had a little e/w punt on it. My main bet is.
Impressor @9/2 2.05 Sand.
Miss Celestial @7/2 2.25 Newb.
Qawamees @9/1 4.20 Sand.
Gin Palace @8/1 4.45 Newb.

£1.00 e/w Acca. 30p Doubles and Trebles.

The ITV7 is the top 2 with Gold Souk 1.50Nb, Sunday Sovereign 2.40S, Franconia (Dettori's only ride) 3.00Nb, Solid Stone 3.13S, & Century Dream 3.35 Nb. May have a little punt on that last one later it is currently 7/1. Good Luck if you have a go.

P.S. Did You see that the good Doctor had a 10/1 winner late on a Newbury yesterday Ken? Restorer.


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^ Yawn
16:33 Sat 13th Jun 2020
Yes I did, Togo. Didn't back though and Crowley rode a hat-trick yesterday - as did Hollie Doyle. Managed to find a nice little double with Steel River (11s) and Ghepardo (12s) - False ID placed but Away He Goes (shortest price of the 4) ran like a donkey. Ce la vie :-(
I just cannot garner enough enthusiasm for today's ITV 7 and have, in fact, given the whole Newbury card a swerve :-(

2.05 S; Tomfre @ 5/1
2.50 D; Alben Spirit @ 5/1
3.15 S; The Gill Brothers @ 13/2
3.25 D; Asdaa @ 9/2

Win singles, 20p L15, £1 e.w. acca. 4 placed = £19, 4 winners = £2,046.

Will most likely have a look at the Leicester card later on but i'm concentrating more on the Bundesliga, today.

Best of luck, as per. :-)

Oh yeah, read that Dylan is releasing a new album next week. 'Rough And Rowdy Ways' to be released on June 19th. :-))
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I had seen that Ken...been trying to pinch a preview but not managed yet. Yo have to subscribe to the official web page on the toob.
Did you see that performance from the filly Franconia. The time was a good 2 seconds faster than the handicap run over the same course and distance which included a lot of mature horses. Frankie is ever likely to have wanted to travel for the one ride.
Me and mr Myfanwy had a £20 treble on today at Sandown-Well of wisdom,Lazuli and The Gill Brothers to win approx.£1200.The first two won at small odds,if our third horse won we would be quids in.The jockey on The Gill Brothers didnt seem to care about winning,it looked like he was only there for the money.A bit miffed to be honest.
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It is always a blow when the last one lets you down. Think it would have to be a bit special to beat the Stoute horse Solid Stone. I could do with something to go with Century Dream now. Had it at 7/1 and would like Qawamees or Gin Palace to do me a turn. If they both do I am heading for the Gin Palace.
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Cheeky beggars....365 are offering me £22 cash out on the little trixie I did. If those 2 come in it pays about £1300. Just one of them would give me a minimum of £72.
I also backed The Gill Brothers, but more in hope that it could transfer a.w. form to turf. The horse would have had to produce a career best to win today - hard to do at the best of times, more so after a lay off of 184 days. It drifted like a barge in the betting and, in the end, ran as well as could probably be expected in finishing 4th. As for the pilot? PJ is not one of our top jocks and is semi-reliant on getting rides from various stables. @ approx £115 per ride, if trainers/owners believed he was 'only there for the money' he wouldn't last as long as he has done. Respectfully, ynnafymmi, I think you are 'talking through your purse'.
I had a tenner on Franconia (2/1), Togo. I know I said i'd give Newbury a swerve but didn't realise Frankie was there just for the one ride. Also have it in a Trixie/treble with Nuites St Georges and Blame It On Sally. 365 are renowned for their miserly 'cash out' offers, T. See how much they offer if your second horse wins.
Its not that,peeps,its the fact that the jockey didnt give a damn whether he won or not.Started trying about 100 yards from the finish.Wont be following this jockey(P J McDonald)if this is his attitude.Humphh.
Plus he got boxed in.I thought the first rule of jockeying is -"dont get boxed in".As i said -useless.and he is not a novice jockey either.
200/1!! Not very often we see that happen - Intercessor in the 4.10 Newbury.
The whole thing is a joke,Ken.The jockeys seem to be in some kind of cabal with the bookies.Something not right here,methinks.
Yeah,i know the feeling,Ken.Aint nothing gonna change.We will still do our punts however.We will just have to avoid jockeys who dont give a damn.
Nice double for you there, Togo :-))
Nuites St Georges wins (little win single, too) but Buick never tried on Blame it on Sally. Worst jockey in the world. Not backing him again. Only there for the money:-/////
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Get in. 7/1 & 8/1 £72 to play at

You know what happens next ynnafymmi....You swerve the jockey and he rides a stormer to win a race that thwarts a bet you have that is going well. Been there done that. In my time I have called Lester Piggot, Pat Edery, Willie Carson, John Francombe, A.P. and many many more, including Gordon Richards, names that you wouldn't believe and invoked curses and ill fortune on them that always seemed to boomerang back on me.
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Haha Ken... Crossed posts.
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Apricot Moon 110/1 in the Irish Guineas £1.00 e/w, 4 places.
On one of my last visits to a bookies, a million years ago, the 'Betting Shop Bore' was in there. Guy by the name of Alan - gob on a stick. He put £50 on a Ruby Walsh mount. Wins @ 2/1. Puts a ton on next Walsh mount, wins @ 9/4. Puts a couple of hundred on Walsh's next ride - 2nd fav @ about 7/2 - which got brought down by the horse in front falling shortly before the home turn. Well! Cue red face and veins in neck popping. Worst jockey that ever sat in a saddle, Ruby Walsh!! Everybody and his uncle knew that horse was going to fall so why did he sit in behind it. And on, and on, and on, ad nauseum.
So easy to blame the pilot for our mistake in choosing the wrong horse. Yep, jockeys do sometimes ride stinkers, but if they want to earn a decent living, they don't do it on purpose.

Just had a fiver on a horse so obviously named after me. So Wonderful @ 7/2 w/o the fav :-))

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