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Lie-in King | 13:14 Fri 11th Mar 2022 | Football
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Hi everyone - tempus fugit, another month gone & time for a new thread. The previous one is here -

Game Week 31 starts tomorrow & the full schedule - *as things stand* - looks like this -

Sat 12th - 3 matches, 1st kick-off 12:30
Sun 13th - 6 matches, 1st kick-off 14:00
Mon 14th - 1 match, kick-off 20:00
Wed 16th - 2 matches, 1st kick-off 19:30
Thu 17th - 1 match, kick-off 19:45

Helpful sites -

The second link can be useful near to, or on, Game Days, though final updates can be infuriatingly late.

You can set your Captains for all upcoming match days in advance or choose them daily before the first kick-off.

As usual, I'll post further reminders & schedules during the coming month.

Stay safe & well, all :-)


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Afternoon all - just bumping the info in the OP ^

I hope everyone has a good weekend :-)
Question Author
Morning all - today's 1st kick-off is at 12:30
Question Author
I'm off out soon, so an early bump for today's first kick-off at 14:00

Arky - if you see this, could you please bump again nearer the time? Cheers :-)
Question Author
One match this evening, kick-off at 20:00
Question Author
Sorry, all over the shop - 2 matches this evening, 1st kick-off 19:30
Hi L.I.K. Sorry I missed your post on Sunday.

1 Match today Everton V Newcastle KO: 19:45
Question Author
Hi Arky - thanks for the bump, I'd just come back to the screen to do it :-)
Question Author
Hi everyone - a short Game Week 32 begins this evening, the full schedule looks like this -

Fri 18th - 1 match, kick-off 20:00
Sat 19th - 1 match, kick-off 12:30
Sun 20th - 2 matches, first kick-off 14:00
Arky clasps ones hands ...

Oh yes a wealth of points heading my way this weekend :-/
The same as a full game week really.
Question Author
Hi Arky - I will do my best to remember, but just in case, can I ask you to try & keep on top of schedules & daily bumps?
Sure thing no problem :-)
I'll post our latest league after this weekends games with the Internationals upon us for the next two weeks, well until we resume the Premier League 2nd April.
Question Author
Ta :-)
As asked by L.I.K, a bump and a reminder that tonight's KO between:

Wolves V Leeds is at 8pm, so you haven't selected you Captains or want to transfer someone in still plenty of time to do so.
Hi all a little lapse yesterday but a gentle reminder two games today still in the Prem with the Toffee's busy in that there FA cup thingy.

Leicester City V Brentford 14:00
Tottenham Hotspur V West Ham United 16:30

If you haven't selected a Captain or need to make some changes then don't, I need to catch up a bit ;-)
Hj all our latest Answerbank league is posted here dated 24.03.22:
Question Author
Just thought to check in - ta, Arky :-)

Frankly, the footy break has come at the right time, one less thing to think about for a week :-)

No problem happy to help.

I did think that about the timing of the International break but under the circumstances chose not to mention it, seemed the wrong thing to post.

All the best to you both xx
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Hi everyone - Game Week 34 starts tomorrow & the schedule looks like this -

Sat 2nd - 7 matches, 1st kick-off 12:30
Sun 3rd - 2 matches, 1st kick-off 14:00
Mon 4th - 1 match, kick-off 20:00
Wed 6th - 1 match, kick-off 19:30

Arky - if you see this & I've forgotten or not been on, please could you throw a couple of bumps in? Cheers & good luck all :-)
Sure, will keep an eye out … if you’re not on.


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Fantasy Football Continued...

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