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Fao Joggerjane; Good Luck Brighton

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Ken4155 | 07:55 Sat 07th May 2016 | Football
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Some time ago, you posted about the view from the top of the Championship. Well, you were right! It is breath-taking. And, whilst i can't see France (as you claimed you could), now that we are promoted, i can certainly see London, Manchester, Liverpool and The Emirates (Stadium, that is). But i haven't come to gloat. Far from it.
In the 2 matches Burnley played v Brighton, honours were even with 2 draws and there were a couple of incidents in the 2-2 draw at your place which were worthy of comment. Firstly a couple of hard tackles from Joey Barton and secondly our late, late equaliser. Your ,manager Chris Hughton, ever the true gent, said that whilst Joey's first challenge merited a card, there was no malice in it, and the second challenge was just "two players going for the ball in an honest fashion." Of the late equaliser he said, "These things happen in football, we should have had the game won by then, but Burnley pressed and pressed and got the goal." What a gent!
Contrast his behaviour with that of the Middlesbrough manager (cant' remember his name but it rhymes with banker) after our late, late equaliser in our home draw v them. His disdainful comment? Burnley employed long-ball tactics to get an undeserved point! Two things spring to mind, here; Middlesbrough are past masters of the late, late winner and if his side cannot defend even the most basic of tactics, perhaps they don't deserve to be in the Prem.
So, today, and for one day only, i am a Brighton fan and, by about 2.20 this afternoon, i hope to see you with us in the Promised Land. Come on you Seagulls!


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Up the Clarets :)
Question Author
A win for The Clarets would net me £140 off a £10 ante-post free bet, Giz. Much better when it's a free bet:-) I'll also be rooting for Accy Stanley; would love to see them promoted, too.
Yea I'm with you on Accy - smallest ground in the league I think - 5000 capacity ??? .... yet they've achieved so much.
I'm off to Blackpool today with the lads, so no doubt we'll be watching some of the footie in the pubs :)
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The Super Clarets do it in style and bookies duly paid out:-) Unfortunately, jj, you will have to go through the agony of the play offs - but believe me, it's a great day out at Wembley if all goes well. Best of luck to the Seagulls.
It's good that Burnley are up, because David Cameron can support you instead of Villa.

I thought he was a West Ham fan ;-)
Question Author
Hopkirk; Cameron wouldn't be the first to get the two sides mixed up. Some years ago, Villa commissioned a firm to make a commemorative video for some anniversary or another (100 years, maybe) but they put a photograph of the Burnley Div 1 Champions of the 1960/61 season on the front of the outer casing. Needless to say, the videos were withdrawn:-)
Sod the seagulls! Come on you Owls!!
What, no penguins.
Pity JJ doesn't appear to be around.

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Fao Joggerjane; Good Luck Brighton

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