Santa Claus

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joeluke | 15:40 Tue 22nd Dec 2015 | Football
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Arsenal players were visiting poorly kids in their local childrens hospital, when a man decked from head to toe in red and white who is only seen once a year arrived to entertain them

Then after Jack Wiltshire had left, Father Christmas came in ;-)


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should this be in the sports section? ha
He's become a bit like Jamie RedKnapp and Michelle Owen... always injured.. and erm.. currently at liverpool has a cough and out for free months in bumuda.
...and Michelle Owen always played like a girl.
the press have decided that the name of the Dutch master is pronounced Van Go
Michelle Owen did play like a girl... with the exception of a couple of key moments... 4-3 against City and Scholes' pass through to him against the Argies. ;-)

LVG didn't seem at all happy with them at the press conference. I didn't know about the press attacking his family etc... but did seem rattled also knowing that Jose is loitering.

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Santa Claus

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