Barca v celtic

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HowardKennitby | 20:42 Tue 23rd Oct 2012 | Football
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Just watched an excellent game.
Barca did seem a little short of their usual standard but still an exceptional effort by Celtic. Just a slight lapse let Barca get the winner in 94th minute.


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I heard my dad shouting at the tv... I knew it wasn't good =/

Shush you!!
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"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. "

You missed out a "ha" there :-)
Just watched the highlights and, while there certainly weren't unlucky as many are claiming, Foster was quite superb.

is someone here a bitter bluenose(gers)?
The 94th bloody minute-there is no justice. Well played Celtic.
is someone here a bitter bluenose(gers)?

not at all - Barcelona had 73% possession and 24 shots on goal. I prefer facts to bitterness and Celtic were lucky it wasn't ten. The Barcelona win WAS justice.
duncer seems to naively think possesion deserves victory, not in my book, the amount of times i´ve seen my team wba for example dominate games and finish with nothing.
hope you are enjoying the 3rd div.
Now who's bitter?

I don't naively think anything, the possession statistic was merely a small point amongst others, such as 24 shots on goal and Barcelona's total and utter dominance of the game in question. To say Celtic were unlucky to lose is to say Barcelona that were lucky to win, and only a fool could argue that. Possession seems to count for quite a lot in Spain, (and countries like Holland and Germany too), perhaps that is why they are light years ahead of the British game?

And yes, I am enjoying the Third Division, away from all the whining, paranoia and bigotry.

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Barca v celtic

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