16 weeks for pitch invasion + assault

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HowardKennitby | 21:52 Mon 22nd Oct 2012 | Football
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Doesn't seem very long considering what he did. What do you think would be appropriate.


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deporation to the salt mines and loss of a tv.
Castration would be a good start - don't want the drunken scum breeding

< oooh I think I'm channeling my inner AoG >
On a serious note, and as a Leeds fan, I recognise that judges are confined insofar as the lenght of the sentences, but I really do believe that a strong message shoud have been sent out in this case. This young man is, as profssionals will refer to, a ballbag!
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Surely the assault on its own could have got more than 16 weeks.
In my opinion he should have been sentenced for a very long time indeed, but I am a Draconian right-wing throw-back. I would guess that the judge in question was hamstrung. He really should have served some lengthy time.
He supports Leeds - he's suffered enough ;-))
^ lol yep.. agree
Sounds about right to me.
And then there was the guy who interrupted the boat race - he got 6 months.

But he upset the aristocrats, didn't he?
If everyone who had committed a similar assault was put in prison how many more prisons would we need to build?

Under the circumstances, it's about right.
As a Sheffield Wednesday fan,I think they ought to have made a more severe example of him,as already stated he could have had a blade etc in his hand.I dont agree with Dave Jones saying ban all Leeds fans from away games because why should the minority spoil it for the majority.
I thought the fuss made about the Boat Race interruption was ridiculous. This was indeed far more serious, but on the other hand I do think the sentence about right. This individual comes from the first part of the UK to have one of its residents ASBO'd, so a fine tradition is being maintained there :-)
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Razza, 'could have' is not a valid argument if he didn't have a blade.

I haven't really read much about the case but who wasn't doing their job properly which meant he could even get to the goalie in the first place?
as already stated he could have had a blade etc

You cannot sentence someone on what they might have had or might have done.
Razza, 'could have' is not a valid argument

O'dear......Evian is morphing into , andy hughes :0)
Wondered why I was getting a 5 o'clock shadow.
It sounds like there was a general outbreak of bad behaviour inside the ground, including - so I have heard - members of the Sheffield Wednesday England band. Why this game was allowed to be played at this time on a Friday night needs to be questioned: all for TV. The pitch invader was out of his tree on alcohol at the time, and so I suspect were large numbers of the crowd.
and lifetime ban?
Can I just add ........ David Jones is a Snag.

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16 weeks for pitch invasion + assault

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