Delivery Scam?

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bobbie22 | 01:13 Fri 14th Feb 2020 | Spam & Scams
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I had had the message from a nice furniture shop stating that a respected delivery firm was going to deliver a parcel to me the next day. I checked the store number on line and rang them, then I did the same with the delivery firm. Both told me it was not them and was probably a scam. Told me to delete the text.
On the bottom of the text was a message 'if you will not be at home ' and a place to click, probably for my name and address. I did not cluck on the link.
The next day, there was another text telling me that a named man would deliver my parcel ar a certain time with the same link
Has anyone received this?
I have to admit that I was a bit scared when the delivery time they quoted arrived but nothing happened


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I look at everything I receive via text as a scam unless I've actually ordered something. I'd still wouldn't open that either. I check my order on the site and track it.

sorry about that it is pretty scary

i think it is the times in which we live - we gave odd jobs and garden clearance to an unemployed neighbour
and all that happened
was - - we let himi into the property so he could see what was worth stealing later on that week

terribly depressing - we did this to ourselves
Peter, that's dreadful.

Bobbie, I agree with Ummmm view all with doubt and double check,as you did.
It might be a scam or it may be someone has mistyped a phone number. Either way, unless the text has specified it's your address then just ignore it now as you've done all you can. Let us know if someone turns up.
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Thanks for your replies. Luckily nothing happened.
If you hadn't ordered any furniture surely it was obviously a scam. No?
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Maybe I am not as smart as you Zacs master. I was a bit worried and scared in case anyone turned up
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They had my phone number, and they could have had my address

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Delivery Scam?

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