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The Real Picture On What's Happening

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Khandro | 22:36 Fri 19th Apr 2024 | Religion & Spirituality
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..... It seems our elected politicians aren't either listening, are unaware, or simply don't care. Do you? 

I'm placing this in R&S but it could equally be in Politics



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I am unable to listen, can you post a salient summary?

How long must we sing this song?

Credit to you too,,

I still haven't found what I'm  looking for, lozzy. 

I couldn't understand what the presenter was saying at the end of that.

I think the gist is that the creeping Islamification of western Europe is a bad thing. The people are worried about the effects of mass Muslim immigration and the politicians are increasingly cowed by "political correctness" and Muslim voter clout to do anything about it or even discuss it as a problem.

So what's new!

Struggling to get past the AI voice womansplaining.

It's the modern way.

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The Real Picture On What's Happening

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