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The Earth Is Being Ruined—What Does The Bible Say?

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goodlife | 13:54 Wed 31st Jan 2024 | Religion & Spirituality
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I found this in the  Bible that says that God will “bring to ruin those ruining the earth.” (Revelation 11:18) what do you think?



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I think the main cause of "ruin" is religious nutters, so keep an eye out me  old china!

The earth is not being ruined, it is evolving, the same as it as done for the past 5.5 billion years and will continue to to do so long after the last person has walked on it.

You better keep looking over your shoulder then goodlife.


Question Author

At least no one won't be able to say no one didn't tell me. the Bible wasn't written for nothing, you know, only intelligent people know that.

right oh! So are you ready to be smited?

"Don't believe all you read in the bible."

Freddie Mercury, (Queen, Track 3, verse 6.

I think god tells porkies like Boris. By the way when did he tell you, in Costa coffee?

Shouldn't worry about it.  God's going to bring ruin to practically everyone for all sorts of reasons so if you don't get collared for ruining the planet he'll get you for something else.

I think folk are well aware why the bible was put together and included the books and translation it did.


Power attracts and allows control.

You'd think God would do summat about it seeing as he's all powerful. Probly got worse planets that need sorting out first.

I think no-one on here cares, but that's never stopped you before.

"Things that you're liable,

to read in the bible.........ain't necessarily so"

As usual locust,  your superior sneering shines through your pompous preaching.

You'll be alright, you reckon but I wonder if God will appreciate your holier-than-thou nonsense. 

Oops, apologies locust - it's your partner in nasty frightening nonsense.

It's hard to tell one from the other.

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The Earth Is Being Ruined—What Does The Bible Say?

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