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God Had No Beginning

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fiveleaves | 18:59 Fri 04th Feb 2022 | Religion & Spirituality
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And will have no end.
Impossible for the human brain to comprehend something or somebody having no beginning. Even I can't do it.
Aware this isn't a question but questions dont always fit this forum


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We're used to seeing statements, sermons in this section of AB. They get the attention, respect that they merit..
Here's a question, if you can't comprehend it, why do you think it's true?
"God has no beginning"

Rubbish. All fiction has a beginning.
Even you eh? What chance do I have then, with only two leaves?

Mind you, we hardly ever have to extend the table these days.
So God is out of time (cool)
And is eternal?

Humans are temporal (cool)
Humans die and become eternal?
(In either heaven or hell?)

Thats not cool.
Thats ridiculous!

I get to spend an ETERNITY in hell for a temporal experiance?

Yes, that makes perfect sense.....
(To a fundie at least.)

Shouldnt I at least have an eternity to explore the universe and all its possible outcomes?
The same as your God?
Question Author
Nailit. You are already eternal. The only difference being you had a beginning whereas God didn't.
Where you get to spend eternity depends on whether you accept Jesus while here, but we have had plenty of recent discussion on all that recently
//Nailit. You are already eternal. The only difference being you had a beginning whereas God didn't. //

Define eternal!
Because you just didnt.

Eternal....without beginning and without end.
fiveleaves. I agree with Nailit. If you had a beginning then you can't be eternal because there was an eternity already gone before you existed.
Talk of eternity is fruitless. My eternity consists of what happens during my existence. Before and after don't exist.
not dissimilar to the scientific view, then: space and time beginning simultaneously, and you can't ask "What happened five minutes before the Big Bang?" any more than you can ask "What was there before God?"
If I could experience eternity, I wouldn't need a temporary existence.
And as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end
That bullshish is bullshish, it just goes by different names
//God Had No Beginning//

I'll say Amen to that at least...
Nailit's right, God had no beginning because there is no God.
Fiveleaves, //Even I can't do it. //

Do you usually expect to be more capable than other people?
A circle has no beginning.
What does that have to do with this, OG?
\\ A circle has no beginning.//
Not when it's completed but it has to start somewhere.
Question Author
Naomi (09.10 Sat) That was just a wind up line. Nailit and Atheist. Eternal means no ending, not having no beginning. Everything and everybody apart from God has a beginning,
fiveleaves; A finite length of time has two ends, a start and an end. An infinite time, I presume, has no ends or it wouldn't be eternal. I don't see how eternity can only have only one end. And even if it has only one end, it could be that the final end exists but that the starting end goes back in time for eternity.
I don't think that rational human thought can really cope with such concepts, only blind faith can come to a conclusion.

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God Had No Beginning

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