Catholics Should Watch This.

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Theland | 03:08 Thu 05th Aug 2021 | Religion & Spirituality
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Roman Catholicism is converging with Islam under the guiding hand of Pope Francis.
Thirty eight minutes.
Shows how both apostate religions are bereft of any truth.


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Just a load of anti-catholic propaganda from the usual suspects.
Lapsed catholics don't have to bother. Which is most of them.
Theland, you never spoke more true than in the last six words of your closing sentence.
I watched about 15 minutes of the video and then investigated the speaker. His whole mission appears to be to destroy the Roman Catholic church, but his ignorance is palpable. If he thinks the Catholic Church and Islam will ever merge he needs to learn one lesson. Islam's 'mission statement' is to create an Islamic world - and Islam doesn't compromise.

Two quotes from him:


//Both religions rule with an autocratic leader.//

Clearly he sees the pope as representing the Roman Catholic church - which he does - but I wonder who he thinks is the autocratic leader of Islam? He didn’t say.

And secondly, upon declaring that Islamists and Catholics combined represent 3 billion of the world’s population:

//These people need to be evangelised//

I have news for him. They wouldn’t agree.

Incidentally, I could find no record of his personal finances but like all US evangelical preachers who are in the public eye I suspect he’s on to a nice little earner touting his commercial merchandise to the gullible. The man is a purveyor of hate.
Just goes to prove just how evil all religions are.
Im sure that one day the Taliban will merge with the Catholic church, lol. lol.

Are you nuts?
Are all the different factions of christianity going to merge eventually into all the factions of islam?
Are JW's & Mormons somehow going to merge with hezbollah?
Are all the factions of Hinduism going to merge with the Catholics?
Or the JEWS???
Are the Jewish community one day going to blend with Shintoists?
Or Scientologists with muslims or spiritualists??
It's a no from me....
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The message is simple.
These religions ignore the bible and create their own man made religions.
The pope is so keen to embrace everybody into his church, that dogma and beliefs mean nothing, as long as they come into the fold.
This is the basis of the one world religion foretold in the bible.
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More information on the errors of the Roman Catholic church.
And you call yourself a christian? Total religious bigot!
You really ought to stop believing strange men on the interwebs Theland. It seldom works out well.
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Jimf - What do you mean?
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Mozz, examine the evidence.
Sorry, I don't waste my time with religious tubthumpers on youtube. I did, like Naomi, investigate the fella though, and he's little more than a religious conspiracy theorist.

Yet another video - this time an hour plus long. Theland, I can almost guarantee that no one is going to watch that just as no one watches most of the other videos you post. If there’s a message you want to impart why don’t you have the courtesy to say what you’re thinking and conduct a discussion?
Here Theland, definition of bigot.
a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.
Theland forgets that without the Roman Catholic church Christianity wouldn't exist.
To conduct a discussion, you obviously need contributors. All of of Thelands' posts are started during his nightshift, so there won't be many that are up for it.

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