Is Wokeism The New Religion?

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Theland | 16:47 Wed 21st Oct 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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There are many terms and dogmas associated with, '' Wokeism,'' and I don't profess to completely understand them all.

Some of them are :-
Diversity, Integration, Equality, (D.I.E.)
Virtue Signalling.
Subconscious racism.
White privilege.
Phobias of all colours and hues.

My simplistic understanding of all of the above, which is not exhaustive, is that the major problem, is the white, ''privileged,'' (whatever that means), male.

So, without me supplying more information, what do you think?
Has, ''Wokeism,'' become the new religion?


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I wasnt awake
what was that ?
p god another of those threads - dozes off
No... it's more usually used as an attempt to be disparaging, by somebody who doesn't have a rational or honest answer.
A lot of those are just buzzwords, aiming to shut down someone, without responding properly.

As far as white privilege, subconscious racism, misogyny goes.... look at history and today... they mostly are subconscious, the problem is with people who still deny they exist.

Well, it's a damn site better than what you practice Theland.
Well said Mozz.

Not a fan of these catch words, human emotions run deeper that that.
Yes, but they are easy and lazy...
Not me then ;-)
You call being against transphobia, homophobia, gaslighting, misogyny etc woke. I call it being a decent human being.
No, mamya- you aren't lazy ;-) x
Joking :-)
Knew dat, the rumours were fake.
i against mysogyny, as for the..the rest as mentioned are buzz words and i do not subscribe, entertainment outrage some people wake up wanting to be offended and probably get off on it, protest..must have a protest..form a committee to ponder a percieved outrage, then protest and get media in a frenzy.
Lol, good!

Theland, which are you objecting to, particularly? For as long as I can remember on AB, there have been accusations or suggestions of "box-ticking" etc... until adults outgrow this way of thinking, they are only really proving the problem.
There does seem to be a long running suggestion on here, that any problems are always because of "someone else"- and the bigger distance you can use to categorise, the better. It isn't personal, just about changes that might need to be made, in general.
gaslighting has nothing to do with woke
//Is Wokeism The New Religion?//
Fads, clichés, movements, etc...
They all come and go.

Theland.......I am now going to do as you do and avoid the question.

My reply therefore is to say "it is time that you Woke from your religion and became a realist.

Missed supernaturalism off the list there.
No hatetheists?
Question Author
There's certainly a few pointed personal comments here, not entirely unexpected.
It seems to me to be the case, that the box ticking is gathering strength, even in government.
'' Sometimes when I go into a meeting, I am the only ethnic minority face in the room,'' - Pritti Patel, House of Commons, explaining why she was introducing diversity training for Home Office civil servants.

The BBC are spending £100m on increasing its diversity, when by its own research statistics, it already has a higher percentage of ethnic minorities than the national average.

To complain about this waste of money, or even point it out, risks being labelled racist, and to avoid that label that is thrown about so often and so vehemently, one is cajoled into becoming politically correct.

Tearing down statues and trying to link our proud history with the evils of slavery and colonialism are just submissions to the doctrines of Wokeism.

We would do well to try and resist this trend wherever and however we can.

To this end, the actor Lawrence Fox, after his damaging appearance on Question Time, where he was labelled a racist white privileged man, and saw his career suffer, has launched a new political part, ''Reclaim,'' to try and counter the madness that engulfs us now.

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