What Would It Take To Convince You Otherwise

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nailit | 17:34 Fri 31st Jul 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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As a young, ex fundamental, evangelical Christian, what led me out of faith was an (albeit reluctant) admission that I was simply wrong. After years of wrestling with doubts, questions, voracious reading, Bible study, prayer, etc I simply had to admit that my faith was misplaced and I had NO evidence for my beliefs. I had to accept that I was wrong on so many levels.

SO...what would it take to convince you (if you are religious) that *YOU* may be wrong?

(Conversley....just to be fare...what would convince an atheist that THEY may be wrong)?


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No answer to your questions and off topic Nailit but I hope your Mum is coping ok in this intense heat. X

Tangible, undeniable proof.

Not the ‘proof’ that Theland says is proof (the fact that we are here, the universe, fairy dust etc...) but actual proof.

Sorry, no deep philosophical or theological meanderings for me, I’m a simple soul and I’ll remain a non-believer until I see it with my own eyes. Same argument I have with ghosts, which also are not real.
The only thing that would convince me that I'm wrong (although I consider myself an Agnostic rather than an Atheist) is if he showed himself. I want the second coming before I'd believe.
As an atheist, I would say that I was wrong if I was presented with evidence that there is a god. I am open to whatever evidence there is, but it needs to be evidence, not mere assertion or recourse to authority.
Proof. It would be all over the news for a start.
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Ive often had the religious ask me what would convince me otherwise so have simply returned the question.

In answer to the religious and what would convince me to believe in a God, I would honestly say that I dont know. If I had a vision of Jesus (for instance) how could I possibly know if it was an hallucination or not? Or a deceitful spirit, Satan masquerading as a being of light or a strong delusion sent by (the true) God?
(Biblical quotes upon request)
But the fact is that *IF* there is an omniscient Being, then *HE* would know what would convince me.
So far he's failed. (despite my teenage prayers and pleas)

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Thank you for asking :-)
Mum not to bad all things considered. Good days and bad days. Thank you.
No need to convince me. I accept that I may be wrong....that's why its called faith.
When you know someone close with an incurable deadly disease, ones belief in god's miracle cure is all you rely on.
Someone doth protest too much.
been there tambo and no....I never for one microsecond relied on a miracle cure.
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//When you know someone close with an incurable deadly disease, ones belief in god's miracle cure is all you rely on//
I associate with you so much, my mum is dying. But no miracle is going to be forthcoming. So much healthier to face facts.
As uncomfortable as they are!
Nailit - I know nothing about religion, nada, zilch, because it has never been a part of my life, and my non-belief boils down to the very simple fact the belief in a higher being is just so absurd that I genuinely question the sanity of those that do; if I had blind faith in the existence of leprachauns, people would question my sanity - I see absolutely no difference, given there is an equal amount of proof in the existence of both - none.

Blind faith just simply doesn't count.

You're clearly well read on the subject, and have come to the conclusion that I've always known that it's all a load of made up nonsense. That is in no way a criticism - I admire the fact that you've taken the trouble to be able argue from a position of authority, whereas my argument simply boils down to the fact that you've got to be barking mad to believe in something that is so very clearly a load of rubbish.
Mums are older than children, Nailit. I will add your mum to my prayers to relieve her of any discomfort.
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Thank you DD!
I became a 'born again' type of christian when i was a teenager. I was a late developer I guess regarding questioning. Got there in the end. :-)
^^^I’m not easily offended, but that would come close to succeeding.
Mine was to tambo.
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//Mums are older than children, Nailit. I will add your mum to my prayers to relieve her of any discomfort//

As much as I disavow religion for the nonsense that it is, I still cant help appriciating the thoughts/prayers of others.

I can't speculate on what may change me, I will report back if or when anything changes.
Am sorry to know that deskdiary but my son is still living and improving v.slowly. I just pray for him to have a full normal life. Admittedly ones belief is tested but there is no other course.

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