What Would It Take To Convince You Otherwise

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nailit | 18:34 Fri 31st Jul 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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As a young, ex fundamental, evangelical Christian, what led me out of faith was an (albeit reluctant) admission that I was simply wrong. After years of wrestling with doubts, questions, voracious reading, Bible study, prayer, etc I simply had to admit that my faith was misplaced and I had NO evidence for my beliefs. I had to accept that I was wrong on so many levels.

SO...what would it take to convince you (if you are religious) that *YOU* may be wrong?

(Conversley....just to be fare...what would convince an atheist that THEY may be wrong)?


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What makes you so special that you think god would show himself to you,faith is believing in something that you can not prove.
Question Author
//What makes you so special that you think god would show himself to you//
And what make YOU so special that god has revealed himself to you?
Question Author
//faith is believing in something that you can not prove//
You believe in all sorts of bull then?
He hasn't,i never said he had,but it's only a choice of two,either you believe or you don't believe.
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//He hasn't,i never said he had//
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fcc, would you care to answer the op anyway?
It really doesn’t matter either way. You do your best to live a good life, your own ‘beliefs’ don’t come into it, or matter.

You’re (not you, any of us), just aren’t important. At all.
That all sorts of bull you are on about it's what had you hooked at one time,bye for now.
allenlondon THAT is a good answer.
What it takes is standing at the kitchen sink one, normal day and wondering /wandering between atheism and agnosticism. Then you have to add a feeling of power surrounding and driving into you - I almost went on my knees. (This is very personal by the way and I generally keep quiet about it, but I really try to help you, nailit, by being honest.) After that - you just quietly believe and do your best; at least that's what I have done. :)
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Whatever it takes Jordain to get you through. Im with you. I really am, chance what you think of me.
I just dont do the God stuff.
then Nailit - why don't you give your head peace and just live from day to day without torturing yourself with so many questions that nobody frankly knows or gives a damn
^^^I know jennyjoan.

I know beyond any doubt whatsoever.

I've been all over this world and there is not a single religion that makes on ounce of sense. Paganism comes closest with the belief of living at one with the earth. Take something out, put something back.
Cold hard proof and not just some bearded wonder pontificating on like he was that bearded Welsh Archbish of Canterbury on some suspicious hallucinogenic powder.
Take a baby’s smile, reminds us of something important about human nature. Our natural response is to love to be love.
That is simply the way we are made. (Psalm 22:9) As we grow, we mature in our ability to respond to love. Perhaps you can recall from your own childhood how your parents, relatives, or friends expressed love for you.
In your heart a warm feeling take root, and you showed your love in return. Is a similar process unfolding in your relationship with God?

Jehovah, Is the Originator of love, well knows that love has immense power to bring out the best in others. So despite the persistent rebelliousness of unfaithful mankind, he has remained confident that some humans would respond to his love. And, indeed, millions have. Sadly, though, the religions of this corrupt world have left people confused about what it means to love God.

Countless people say that they love God, but they seem to think that such love is merely a feeling to be expressed in words. Love for God may begin that way, just as a baby’s love for his parents may first show itself in a smile.

But in 'mature' people, however, love involves more than draw close to Jehovah, however, it is essential that we study with the right 'objective'. John 17:3 says: “This means everlasting life, their coming to 'know' you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ.” Thus, our objective should be not merely to take in knowledge but to come to “know” Jehovah better as a Person.

So at the day you are the losers.
Goodlife, //So at the day // .... you're preaching again and haven't attempted to answer the question.

Me? Undeniable proof.
So at the day you are the losers.

The real losers are the deluded folk who are so weak minded they need a crutch they refer to as this bible thingy.
SparklyKid @You know every you say, you are fulfilling Bible scriptures.
At 17 I was a convinced atheist even thinking that churches should be closed. I was saved at a Billy Graham when I felt the pull of God telling me that I needed Him.
I have since enjoyed a relationship with God through Jesus. I cant say I'm perfect in fact I am far from it. I have wavered in my faith from time to time, but I have always clung on.
Nobody can ever be good enough to go to Heaven. You simply have to come to God as you are, repent of your sins and accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.
If you doubt whether God exists, simply ask Him. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. What possibly can you lose by doing this

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