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Theland | 15:39 Thu 02nd May 2019 | Religion & Spirituality
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It is a shame that discussions on R & S inevitably turn adversarial, when we are all on the same journey to discover truth.
What can be done about that?


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I have news for you Theland: Religious people are not, “on [a] journey to discover truth.”.

Religious people are on a journey to cherry-pick elements of science and literature in an attempt to verify their own belief systems or to convert others to their way of 'thinking'. Logical inconsistencies in scripture are denied or wilfully ignored. Verifiable, demonstrable facts are conveniently dismissed by a wave of the hand in order for the believer to cling to their chosen fantasy.

No religious person is on a journey to find the truth. That's the last thing these people want. They are on a journey to either proselytise their false version of reality or to elevate their own status within their chosen group.

Truth doesn't even come into it.
Spot on, Birdie.

Thank you Canary.
We are all on the same journey from birth to death - live it well and harm no one including yourself.

I agree with the statement, “Live [life] well and harm no one including yourself.”. In fact, that's a great maxim to live your life by. But unfortunately that's not what this discussion is about.

I'm an atheist. Being a good person is not the preserve of the religious. What was claimed is that religious people are trying to find the truth. They're not. They are trying to find a way to justify their beliefs and in order to do so must wilfully ignore contrary logical evidence of the existence of a supreme creator deity. That's not searching for truths, that's lying to yourself.
Apologies for a reply off topic.

Good night Mamyalynne.
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Nice one Nailit ;-)
This the argument that Paul used in his letter to the Romans, saying: “If our unrighteousness brings God’s righteousness to the fore, what shall we say? God is not unjust when he vents his wrath, is he? Never may that happen! How, otherwise, will God judge the world.

Would God use more than one organization to dispense his truths in these “last days”? Well, has God ever used more than one during any other period of judgment? In Noah’s day, did any other boats with people in them, aside from Noah’s ark, have God’s protection and survive the flood? No, only the ark and its occupants did. (1 Pet. 3:20) Were there two Christian organizations in the first century? No, God dealt with just the one. So, too, in our day, there is still “one Lord, one faith, one baptism.” (Eph. 4:5) That there could be only one that united.
Paul’s words that “you should all speak in agreement, and . . . there should not be divisions among you.”—1 Cor. only time will tell Theland.
I think that one of the problems is that Religious people, such as yourself Theland, have a habit of thinking that you are right because you have faith in God and that anyone who doesnt have faith is wrong regardless of the evidence to the contrary.
Things become adversarial because we get frustrated trying to explain logical arguments to someone that hasnt got any logic, only faith.

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