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Theland | 15:39 Thu 02nd May 2019 | Religion & Spirituality
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It is a shame that discussions on R & S inevitably turn adversarial, when we are all on the same journey to discover truth.
What can be done about that?


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You're the only one who seems to complain. How about banning Christians from posting?
Well, you could stop belittling those not sharing your peculiar brand of Christianity (and I mean that in both senses).
I am on no journey; I have all the truth I need.
You may need more but that doesn't mean mine is difficient.
Certain topics divide people greatly and whilst discussion can be good, trying to sway another from their view rarely if ever works, and really isn't helpful.

// What can be done about that? //

Nothing. Discussions wouldn't be very interesting if we all agreed with each other.
i suppose if you leave out the, without christ you will not be saved
that implies without being saved your going to hell, or you staying
when armageddon happens, vip and all that, your truth is your alone.
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Ban Christians from posting?
Yes talk amongst yourselves?
People have always had different views about religion- and often strongly so. I would suggest, if you are unsure, don't ask the public.
The old saying about never talk about religion or politics may have some merit to it :-(

For my own part, I can get a bit too vocal, I admit, (and even apologise) but it comes down to frustration when trying to converse about a subject and any difficult questions asked just get glossed over.
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Maybe this category should be renamed, " The Atheist Chit Chat Club."
//Maybe this category should be renamed, " The Atheist Chit Chat Club."//

Or maybe Thelands You Tube channel?
Theland, I always did Psychology, so I am more interested "why" people believe something, than "what" they believe.
I'm sure many people who do have beliefs, have no need to either ask or tell others about them, but if you start a public conversation about your own views, it is likely that people will reply with either their own, or questions about yours.
It really is up to you how much you want to discuss anything x

// when we are all on the same journey to discover truth //

Please don't speak for me Theland,
I am not on a journey to discover anything. I lived my working life as I wanted to, now retired for a few years and enjoying myself, there is nothing I want to discover, thank you.
You can either view this as a topic for sharing your beliefs and wishes in a non evangelical and interesting way and taking on board others differing beliefs, or you can be damned sure you are right everyone else is wrong, it's your God given duty to recruit other folks to your way of thinking and inform them of the error of their ways. Which do you do Theland?
As an ex Evangelical Christian myself Calico, pretty sure its the latter.
What do you want, Theland?
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Simply compare notes, without ridicule.
What ridicule?
Religion invites adversity. Adversity promotes faith by excluding the alternative, the understanding of underlying principles.

An overactive imagination served an evolutionary advantage at a time when there was less understanding of what constituted real danger and we knew less about how to deal with perceived danger. As our understanding of the way the world around us works increases there becomes less need to react to false positives, a greater ability to curb unrealistic expectations and make rational decisions based on that improved understanding while relying less of the perceived 'wisdom' of others.

Knowledge and reason are the antithesis of religion and faith . . . probably not the answer you were looking for.
Good post, mibs.

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