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Life's Mystery

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nailit | 20:53 Mon 25th Feb 2019 | Religion & Spirituality
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Why cant people just accept that life is a mystery without inventing religion to account for it?
My own personal journey has gone from being a 'born again' teenage Christian to looking into everything from spiritualism, various occult disciplines, different religious philosophies, eastern traditions to science, atheistic outlooks, humanism, philosophy etc. Jack of all trades and master of none.

Throughout my search and research, one thing is clear, we...just...don't...know. We don't know why we have consciousness or why we are here. We don't know why we exist! neither science or religion has the answers.
Why cant we just be content to admit that without inventing heaven and hells or afterlife scenarios that we just don't know.
Personally, I'm at peace with that. I'm happy to admit that I have not a clue about the mysteries of life or existence or of death and what follows (if anything).

And neither has anyone else!


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The Two Ronnies summed it up in the pub:

'Have you ever wondered why you are here'?

'Well,it's summat to do innit'!
Question Author
LOL ag, theres even philosophy in the two Ronnies!
Love it!
I was talking about this to a man at the Soup kitchen on Thanksgiving and he said regarding the afterlife, that we consciously choose what happens to us he thinks before we die, some people just cease to be, some go to Christian heaven, some are reincarnated and try again, some see their loved ones again and relive their lives together etc but that it's the individual that chooses during life. He said that's why he tries to always maintain a positive point of view no matter what because he's convinced when he dies things will be better and as he wishes, and that if he's wrong then it simply doesn't matter because there will just be nothing and he won't know, but that he's sure he ha a soul that will outlive his body. I personally thought that was beautiful and I hope he's right x
I just know that i don't waste my time on Earth wondering about why I'm here and what may come afterwards.

This is me. This is it.

It's not so bad. It could have been a lot worse and it could have been a lot better. C'est la vie.
you couldn't be that much better, Tilly
Jno, it could. Believe me.
Here we go:-

Somewhere in the distance
Hidden from view
Suspended in the atmosphere
Waiting to come through
Sometimes it's so far away
Sometimes it's very near
sound being carried by the wind
Just loud enough to hear
feel its power within me
Bells ringing in my head
So often I have heard its cry
But forgotten what it said
It's a mystery, it's a mystery
I'm still searching for a clue
It's a mystery to me
shot in the dark
The big question mark in history
Is it a mystery to you?
It can treat you with a vengeance
Trip you in the dark
Sirens in the distance
Can steer you from the path
It can lift you to the heavens
Put your troubles in the past
Whisper the elixir
Then vanish in a blast
It's a mystery, it's a mystery
I'm still searching for a clue
It's a mystery to me
shot in the dark
The big question mark in history
Is it a mystery to you?
The human mind sees mysteries as things to explain, not just accept. We are curious creatures and wish to know as best we can.
It's human nature to find reasons for "things" happening. We just can't accept that "things" happen on their own. Somebody, or something, must be behind them. That's probably why gods and goddesses were invented. Similarly, we can't accept that we shall all be nothings after we die. There must, we believe, be somewhere that we can go to after this life, mustn't there?
Question Author
Humans are always (it seems) seeking.
Why cant we just accept that we don't know?
And be content in that?
We know f*** all, Why cant we all just be content in that rather than putting to death all those that disagree with us?
Nailit not everybody who believes that there is more than this world kills people who disagree...why can't you accept their differing beliefs? How does somebody believing something different from you....not forcing you to believe it...not killing people....just going on with their lives believing something you don't does that affect you and why are you so against it?
If one wants to lead, control and maintain group cohesion then 'I don't know' is not a good answer to give no matter what the question is.
Nailit - It seems you have all the answers, the argument is over.
So why waste your valuable finite time and energy posting on this category?
You would be better rewarded posting elsewhere or just watching the telly.
When I see another of these threads I'm reminded of what moved L Ron Cupboard to create Sighentology.
I actually agree with Theland. Seems to be a bit of a dead end discussion.
///Humans are always (it seems) seeking.
Why cant we just accept that we don't know?///

what is science if not seeking to find out things we don't know?
Stirring the hornets nest I assume is entertaining.
Nailit, I think you underestimate the number of people who accept that life is a mystery. I didn't do your 'search and research', but I am happy with 'we... just … don't know'. I'm glad you're at peace with that - as are many, many others.
Ironically, the OP is rather ‘preachy’.
Seeking and learning is good and should be enjoyable and enlightening - it should not be a torment ever.

Just 'being' and going along with life and all its wonderful ways can be delightful too.

One of the best lessons I ever learned as a child was how to just 'be me' - that's why boredom isn't in my vocabulary.

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Life's Mystery

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