Have You Had Your Mind Changed By The Debates?

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Infomaniac | 18:38 Mon 05th Aug 2013 | Religion & Spirituality
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I am greatly entertained by reading the posts regarding religion, which contain contributions which veer from lucid, well thought out comments, to others which appear to be incoherent rambling, and everything inbetween.

Has anyone on this site, believer or non-believer, had their minds changed by reading these "debates". I confess I haven't, but it doesn't stop me enjoying reading the posts for good entertainment value.


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I have had my mind changed many times during my life - but not on here and ré religion. I would rather think/hope that we convert Goodlife to a more benign, constructive and thinking Christianity than the brain-washing of the JWs... I have no issue with those who do profess to be religious, that is their right - and the debate lends itself for some good exchanges on here - except when we run into the loon fringes, (though even that can become rather amusing).
perhaps he should get a goodlife, and lightbulbs will finally come on.... a mazda moment.
no, but I do find it interesting and helpful to read what other people think.
chrisgel //I do belong to another forum where you can debate with more fundamentalist believers. //
May I ask which forum is that ? I have come across others but none have the interchange of ABs threads.

It's not the same as AB at all but lively discussions on lots of subjects.
I am not on here to convert people to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The only conversion is done by yourself. As I have often said, the Bible gives a hope for the future, tells why we are here, and why we die. You mock and scoff, but at the end of the day, we will see the outcome, and that day may very well be sooner than you lot think.

Some of you think I am brain washed. Maybe I am but not in the way you refer to brain washing. Since I had been taught so many untruths for so many years I have now found the truth and it is nothing like the churches are teaching.
If it changes someone's mind that is an optional extra event. The debate is the thing, especially if it makes you think more deeply than you have previously. It's good to play Devil's Advocate sometimes too.
" I have now found the truth and it is nothing like the churches are teaching."

Goodlife, you may have said something that many of us can agree with.

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Have You Had Your Mind Changed By The Debates?

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