Have You Had Your Mind Changed By The Debates?

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Infomaniac | 18:38 Mon 05th Aug 2013 | Religion & Spirituality
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I am greatly entertained by reading the posts regarding religion, which contain contributions which veer from lucid, well thought out comments, to others which appear to be incoherent rambling, and everything inbetween.

Has anyone on this site, believer or non-believer, had their minds changed by reading these "debates". I confess I haven't, but it doesn't stop me enjoying reading the posts for good entertainment value.


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The word 'changed ' is open to interpretation , but if seeing things in a different way or sharpening my conceptions , then I would have to answer
yes. I am more of a non-believer now than before but in a more ordered way.
For instance I now realise more clearly that the word God has different meanings. There is the problem of what can we name or describe the Cause or Creation of the universe, So far we cant prove or disprove the Cause , so the word God of Creation or The Creator is as good as anything, for the moment.
However I totally reject Gods created and depicted by man on earth .
The more I read the debates on AB the more Atheistic I become in the narrow sense of that word.
To sum up for me there are two concepts in our culture , the God of our Bible which I totally reject and a Creator ( in our imagination ) which brought about the universe.
Most R&S ABers appear to be antitheist rather than atheist I believe. They might consider and debate on the presence of a god/ external agent/ spiritual entity, but the attitudes and opposition to organised religion and its peoples are unwavering.
Octavius, Amongst other things, I have been deemed by the religious here stupid, half-witted, and senseless. Is that the attitude you mean? Those nasty old atheists, eh? ;o)
Octavious I think you need to define antitheist a bit more. Is this what you mean ?
Modeller, from your link, //Atheism is simply the absence of belief in gods; anti-theism is a conscious and deliberate opposition to theism. Many atheists are also anti-theists, but not all.//

That sums it up perfectly.
modeller, I'm not sure what more you need.
Am I correct in assuming that the athiests here do not set out with even the slightest intention of 'converting' anyone who holds a system of beliefs?

If it is something which adds to a person's character and personality, then it'll be the last thing I want to change. If a person is interesting then they are interesting as I find them, not after I've turned them into someone more like me.

There is an obvious exception with that stance, which is that one's own children sort of can't help ending up being turned into someone like you because they develop their personality while exposed to your attitudes to life and your beliefs (religious or not).

I could, indeed be athiest not out of choice but by falling into line with my (non-churchgoing) parents.
I can't speak for others, and I don't come here with the intention of converting anyone. However, when discussions result in rationality prevailing over imagination, opinions have changed – but not, as far as I’m aware, personalities.
no, never.
Em, you're an atheist, aren't you?
//modeller, I'm not sure what more you need.//
No that's OK . Just checking . We often have problems with definitions.
I found several for antitheist.
i am, and haven't read one word or argument on here or even having one of those awkward chats years ago with the local padre, that would make me change my mind on any religious matter.
i could had i so wanted, debated on matters of religion with him, even his small flock find him a rather overbearing man, it's a high Anglican church, and quite frankly the whole idea of debating the pro's and con's of God and the Universe doesn't fill me with glee. Much more pressing problems to concern myself with than that.
Sorry Infomaniac, hope you don't mind if I digress for a moment.

Did you get that lump checked out, Em?
Friday... Doctor going to have a look, thank you for asking. By the way
i called 111 service, was told i would get a call back, i didn't, so called again, got a call back and finally a doctor visit, after 5 hours
they did ask me to go to the out of hours service, this was 10.30pm, which is incidentally at least half an hour away - i refused.
As an antitheist myself I find the theists on AB to be altogether too nice and reasonable in their beliefs to be able to argue / debate with. I do belong to another forum where you can debate with more fundamentalist believers.
I do like to point out the flaws in the arguments some put up but, at the end of the day, it's all moot and no-one is going to change their minds on either side of the debate.
Em, not easy is it! Hope all goes well on Friday. Please let me know. x
will do...
Since taking part and reading posts in this section I have now had my disbeliefs backed up by the nonsense spoken by the likes of Keyplus and Goodlife and the common sense of Naomi and other atheists.

I always thought that the presence of ghosts were poppycock, now I'm not quite so sure, I would say I'm now a sceptic thanks to posts on here by very credible people.
Actually Ratter - you've reminded me. I'm going to post a question about 'ghosts'. I'll try to get around to it tomorrow. :o)

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