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joggerjayne | 21:51 Tue 22nd Jan 2013 | Religion & Spirituality
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Since they were caught out for being organised paedos, the RC Church has been cleaning up its act.

Until today ... and The Guardian reveals the Church's secret property portfolio, held offshore under a load of false names.

Secretly owned properties in London, Switzerland, Austria etc, bought with gold given to the Church by Mussolini to say thank you for formally endorsing the Fascist regime, and now hidden offshore under false names.

As ever, the Church shows itself to be the perfect organisation to guide us all to lead moral, virtuous lives, lol, lol, lol.

I must have a word with my accountant, and get my own money into some tax free offshore accounts, ander false names. Well, we need to be guided by our spiritual leaders !!!


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almost as good as the banking scandal, umm
Dear oh dear, what a shock. I'd never have guessed.
And what are the chances that all the correct taxes have been paid ?
stretching credibility too far wouldn't you say...
Well as Vatican City is an independent state, ruled by the Pope, then I suppose they make their own rules.
Question Author
There is a whole web of shady companies disguising the true owner ship of the assets, like British Grolux Investments, with nominee shareholders like John Varley of Barclays, and Robin Herbert of Leopold Joseph, both of whom refused to discuss who they act for (ie the Church).

The Church has, of course, had "no comment"

So much for confessing all of one's sins before the Lord. Better to keep them secret, it seems.
that really surprises me..... NOT.
Question Author
//what are the chances that all the correct taxes have been paid?//

Frankly, I'd be surprised if ANY taxes had been paid, lol.

The Church's secret portfolio includes the premises of the Bulgari shop on Bond Street, held offshore under one of their fake names.
Now it is also coming to public attention that many priests have sexually preyed on vulnerable women who have come to them seeking counselling.

Doctors who do this get deregistered.

I don't imagine that anyone would be surprised how the church handles such cases. "Consenting adults" and no ramifications for the predatory priest.

The church is a den of iniquity.
At Mass on Sunday - which I attend weekly with the present Mrs Hughes who is Catholic - postcard forms were being handed out for signature, agreeing that the signee agreed that marriage was only for a man and a woman. Apart from being an atheist, I do not agree that anyone has a right to deny marriage to a couple who wish it, on the grounds of sexuality. Mrs Hughes took strong issue with me, until I pointed out that the Catholic Church was in no position to instruct anyone on matters of morality.
Jayne, this is no surprise.

Andy-hughes, I understand your point completely about the church having no room to moralise – it certainly doesn’t. However, since the bible very clearly forbids sexual union between two people of the same gender, the church cannot possibly agree to conduct gay marriages. I’m no supporter of any religious organisation but on principle the church is right to object to any involvement it might be expected to have. Having said that, they have no right to object to gay couples being married elsewhere. That, the church should keep its prying nose out of.
A fair point naomi - as usual on matters religious, Mrs Hughes and I have agreed to differ.

I admire anyone who can sustain a faith in the Catholic Church on the basis of its utterly shameful record in just about any area of its remit.
"I must have a word with my accountant, and get my own money into some tax free offshore accounts, ander false names. "

JJ, no need to use false names, you could just use my name. I'll keep it for you very safe. :)
Andy-hughes, 'admire' is not a word I'd use in that instance - but in the circumstances it was probably a wise move to agree to differ. ;o)

The Priest's Bicycle

The Rabbi and the Priest met every Sunday at 2 PM in the park to talk over the week's event sat. They rode their bicycles to a special bench every Sunday for twenty years.
One Sunday the Rabbi got to bench exactly at 2 and waited and waited. An hour went by and the Priest was still not there.

The Rabbi rode home and called the Priest on the phone. "Hey, Father, what happened?" The Rabbi asked. "For twenty years we've met at the park every Sunday but today you didn't show up. What's wrong? "Well Rabbi," the priest explained, "after church today I went out to get my bike to meet you but my bike was missing. I know it must have been someone in my parish who took it. Rabbi, What should I do?"

Well, that's quite a dilemma, Father." The Rabbi said thoughtfully, "I'll tell you what you should do. Next Sunday when you give your sermon, speak of the Ten Commandments. When you get to the part about "Thou Shall Not Steal," look over your congregation and the person with the guilty look will be the one who stole your bicycle

The following Sunday at 2 the Rabbi was already waiting for the priest.
Promptly at 2 up rode the Priest on his bike.

"Well Father, my idea must have worked, "the Rabbi said.

"Well, not quite, "the Priest intoned. "I was going through the Ten Commandments as you suggested. But when I got to the part about "Thou shalt not commit Adultery, "I remembered where Left my bike."



I understand that you and your wife have agreed to disagree on religion but you go along to church.

If you were in an atheist group do you think she would come along to that too? Surely it should work both ways otherwise it would seem hypocritical to expect you to come to church.
Question Author
beso ... Maybe that is because religions ... even supposedly "tolerant" religions ... are inherently intolerant. They expect atheists to consider the possibility that atheists may be wrong. But the church will not entertain the possibility that atheists may be right.
beso - I would never entertain belonging to any atheist group - it doesn't mean that much to me. As far as I am concerned, my stance is an absence f faith, not a faith that belief in God is wrong, so that's as far as i go with it.

As far as my wife expecting me to go to Mass with her - she doesn't expect it, I go becuase I enjoy the familial atmosphere and the sociability of the occasion - even though I share no belief in the worship of God at all. If I chose not to go, that would not be an issue between us.
The Catholic Church should remember 1 Corinthians 7:9. and allow marriage for all that want it.
"I admire anyone who can sustain a faith in the Catholic Church on the basis of its utterly shameful record in just about any area of its remit."

And beyond Andy!
Indeed Ed! It can hurt your head just thinking about the breathtaking nonsense that goes on.

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Lol The Catholic Church

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