How average are you?

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jenstar | 13:27 Wed 30th May 2007 | Society & Culture
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The average Briton apparently owns a Ford Fiesta, believes in God and goes to the toilet six times a day. According to Tim Wardle, that is - he's making a documentary for Channel 4 seeking Britain's most average person. Here are his twenty criteria for averageness: He's looking for people who can answer yes to at least 15 out of 20. As I answered yes to just five of these, I am clearly far from average... so how average are you?


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fairly average 13- don't have time to go to loo 6x.
five for me too jenstar. crikey, if i answered in the double figures, i'd start to worry about the banality of my life. born, school, job, married, kids, die? whoa....
Less than average for me, 9 out of 20.
Ah from the people who brought you:

Richard Chisnell is the founder of the British Toilet Association. He and his team of inspectors travel the country every year inspecting toilets that have been entered into the Loo of the Year Awards. They also meet the people who provide and manage them - hoteliers, attendants, cleaners...and a duchess!

and who could forget:

This film follows the fate of a handful of contributors as they prepare for, and compete at, the World Taxidermy Championships 2005 in Illinois, USA.

and of course

A sideways peep at the British porn industry
and the women who work in it.

How can the BBC compete with the like of this - why should we pay the license fee??
No only 5, which surprised me because apart from not having children and not being in debt, I thought my life would be pretty average, I am home owner, married working sort of boringly normal.

Mind you I wasn't sure about going to the toilet 6 times, I think probably more but strangely I have never previously felt the compunction to count but perhaps this will become my new hobby
10 for me!
I managed 5.
i too am apparently less than average.....which actually looking at the replies on this thread makes me distinctly average!
More than 50% of the population are below average height, or take smaller than average shoe size, or have lower than average pay. The list goes on....

'Average' figures can be very misleading.
11. I'm not as average as I thought I would be.
I said yes to 14, if you count knowing how to cook four meals, i never cook much but I could if it was essential and easyier and quicker.
I scored 3, but then people keep telling me I'm not normal.
Nescio, you are not normal.
What does 'Do you go to the toilet' mean ?
Another cutting edge programme then.

The point of which will be what exactly....
And is it just me or is 80 contacts in your phone excessive???
I got the toilet one right! How'd they know that? <"?
11 for me!

Actually, to be truthful, I hovered between 10 & 11, as I'm not sure whether I really believe in God!
I scored 5!

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