Should companies use technology to identify slackers?

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AB Asks | 13:06 Thu 31st May 2007 | Society & Culture
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Many companies are showing interest in a new computer test developed to identify people who aren't good at focussing on their work. The programme, created at University College London, would be used at interviews. The system would use a series of similar letter puzzles flashed up on a computer screen, measuring the response time for each one. Irrelevant numbers and letters also appeared on the edges of the screen in an attempt to distract the applicant. How would you feel about being asked questions like these at interviews?


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maybe this should be in jobs and careers or technology.
It's actually nothing to do with identifying slackers as you well know Mr Ab Asks.
It's just another psychometric test that will be used to determine how good people at maintaining focus on a task - the classic case would be when recruiting air traffic controllers. Psychometric testing is already widely used - so no big deal really.
You don't need all that.

Just cross reference to who's on Answerbank!

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Should companies use technology to identify slackers?

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