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Innedible Bland Guano V Food Of The Gods......

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ToraToraTora | 14:12 Tue 11th Jun 2024 | Society & Culture
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Just been to my local leisure centre. On the menu we have Vegan Lasagne and fish and chips. The former is 1025 cals and the latter is 907 cals. How can vegan food be so fattening?



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Lean meat isn't fattening - a vegan diet could contain a lot of vegetable fats & carbs.

From the internet:


//The most calorie-dense vegan foods tend to be those with a high fat content, such as oils, nuts, seeds, nut/seed butters, avocados, and coconut products. This is because fat has 9 calories per gram, as opposed to carbohydrates and protein which have 4 calories per gram.//

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...classic Cheese burger 870 cals. Veggie bean burger.. 960 cals! I thought veggie/vegan food was good! Perlease!

It is good - you only eat 1/2 as much cos it tastes bloody awful.

I think people choose the vegan route more from the animal welfare point of view than from the healthy options point of view.

calorie count is not the only measure of whether a food is healthy. 

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I get it untitled but I kjeep getting told that vegan/veggie food is a good way to lose weight.

I know a few vegans who have very unhealthy diets.

Chips and baked beans are vegan. So are most crisps. Nuts are healthy but are also high calorie as is avocado. Sugar is vegan, so is bread.

Vegan sweets, cakes, pastries are easy to make but available to buy.  Greggs vegan savoury bakes are very popular.

The skinny, pasty faced vegan lacking energy is a total myth


A vegan diet can be a good way to lose weight if you eat the right foods cooked the right way.

A chip butty followed by jam doughnuts ain't it

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barry: "The skinny, pasty faced vegan lacking energy is a total myth" - err nope, i've met plenty!

Of course it's a good way to lose weight: because after a couple of mouthfuls you decide you don't really need any more 😉

It relies on nuts to make all the substitutes for meat and dairy. 

Nuts are high in fat.

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Innedible Bland Guano V Food Of The Gods......

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