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Lgbt+ People Drawn To Minority Religions

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naomi24 | 13:17 Sun 21st Apr 2024 | Society & Culture
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//The latest census revealed that of all the faiths in England and Wales, the followers of smaller religions were most likely to be LGBT+. //


Could this be because smaller groups may be more welcoming than the major religions?



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Or they attract more weirdos 😁  😁  😁  😁  😁  😁  😁  😁   

I doubt it the Church of England will take anyone even Muslims 😂😂😂

Perhaps they are more likely to want to be seen to be different in various aspects of life.

..... or they're all desparate for recruits.

Could be that  many from that community don't want to confirm to the traditional faiths, although there are lesbian and homosexual clergy in the Anglican churches. The CofE has at least one non-binary vicar and there is a gay Orthodox Jewish Rabbi.

I would be saddened if anyone didn't feel welcome and valued in my church

I bet there aren't many lgbt in the Muslim faith 😂

Question Author

Scroll down the link to the chart.

Proportion of people who tell at least one lie on their census forms because they regard it as intrusive = 57.8%

There are gay imams

Still a minority. I can understand why LGBTQ+ types are attracted to Buddhism. A welcoming, mainly peaceful religion.

Like moths to a flamboyance.

With many years of experience in Buddhist communities I would say this is (in the words of N.Farage) cobblers!

Why anyone of any persuasion would be attracted to any religion is a complete mystery to me.

of 14:58; that is not to say they would be unwelcome, but I think somehow I would have noticed that number.

Perhaps it's only the minor religions that are willing to put up with their nonsense ?

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Lgbt+ People Drawn To Minority Religions

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