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A Small Plane Has Crashed On A Deserted Island. A Rescue Helicopter Has Come To Pick Up The Survivors.

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alpha1022 | 22:05 Sun 07th Apr 2024 | Society & Culture
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Unfortunately there is room for only five passengers and the pilot. 

                A major hurricane is coming. There is no time for another rescue attempt before it hits. It is very likely that whoever stays behind will die. Your group must decide who stays and who goes. The survivors are: 

A bartender, married with six children 

A six month old child 

An exotic dancer, age 24 

A lawyer with two children 

A scientist who is developing a generator to store solar power and increase its effectiveness 

A high school basketball star from a poor neighborhood looking to get a college scholarship 

A single college professor who suffers from bouts of dementia, but can control it with medication 

A priest, age 65 

A shoe shiner with five children 

A police officer, single, age 30 

A panel of rescue managers is in contact with the pilot and must help to decide who leaves and who stays. They have asked to talk with each of the survivors to assist in their decision . . 

Why did you choose the people that you did? What questions did you ask of them to make your determination? 



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I say this decision making is too much for me; I'm off back, I'll return later to see if 5 of you survived.

This link might be of help to you.

well for a start, you can't ask questions to a six month old child.

who is in "your group" ???

what gender are they ?

who are the panel of rescue managers ???  Was I the pilot ???

There are more questions than answers.

I'd leave the priest and dementia bloke then ask for volunteers to stay with them.  I'd probably stay behind too.

THe only certains for me are the 6mnth old child and the scientist. The obvious additions are those with children but some are moe likely to survive in situ ie the police officer and exotic dancer

Could it not be five passengers plus the wee one if one of them carries it?

I'd send two helicopters at the same time.

I'd leave the fattest one behind, that way the helicopter could fly faster and there'd be more snacks onboard. 


I had assumed I was the pilot. On rereading it looks like I may be part of the remote panel. Who is the guardian of the baby anyway ?

Good grief...not another reality show.

I'll take the exoctic dancer, the rest can stay put.

First question I would ask each one is who would you save.... Anyone who were includes themself is a selfish b and can take their chances.

Apart from that I would leave the priest who shouldn't fear dying, the college professor to spare them the horror of the disease progression, The married bartender with six children, ( he has suffered enough) and the baby who will not be afraid at that stage ,  as to the rest if the first question didn't thin down the pool to the required number let them draw lots as we don't know what the future holds.

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A Small Plane Has Crashed On A Deserted Island. A Rescue Helicopter Has Come To Pick Up The Survivors.

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