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Why Are Hardly Any Of The Left Wing Female Activists Dolly Birds?

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dave50 | 15:39 Thu 04th Apr 2024 | Society & Culture
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They are always dressed in weird outlandish clothes and weird hairstyles. You never see traditional attractive women on these demonstrations and marches. It's like they think making an effort to appear attractive somehow undermines their cause. You can spot these types a mile off and you know instinctively what their views are. 



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Emma Watson is a feminist activist and she is beautiful without question

once, in 1967 at a Miss America contest, naomi. Got to hand it to them the way a stunt still transfixes people after more than half a century.

Because they scorn looking good to attract males.  Any decent man will be attracted by their minds.

Only the very young and the very beautiful can be so aloof...

Oh is that right, Jno? I knew there was something about burning bras.  Thank you.  

//Can we see a photo of you Togo?//

Haha. After you.( is this site turning into one of those "exchange images" places?) Ooo err missus. Rest assured I have no tattoos, piercings, or slush puppy coloured hair and do not wear leggings that are tighter than my cellulose mottled skin.   

You sound gorgeous mate. You're ticking all my gay boxes. 💓

^ ^The only one in the village?  Diddums. 

The Oxford dictionary defines the term "Dolly Bird" thus: 

"An attractive but unintelligent young woman".

You might find this is why some people (like myself) object to the term "dolly bird" as applied by a man to a woman.

air head doesnt have to be a woman - I know plenty of men who...

Dolly Bird - sixties - young leddy who lives ( or says she lives) on Kings Rd (*)

(*) v.v. expensive - poss most expensive rents, unlike Islington at that time ( Joe Orton Prick up your ears) which was a ghetto

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Why Are Hardly Any Of The Left Wing Female Activists Dolly Birds?

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