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Why Are Prisoners Given Food And Drinks But Homeless People Aren't?

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hanzrimmer | 19:41 Wed 07th Feb 2024 | Society & Culture
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Sometimes, it really does seem like prisoners have it better than homeless people. I can't help but wonder if that's part of why some homeless people end up committing crimes - so they can get locked up and have those basic needs taken care of.



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Well the State chose to incarcerate the criminal and so has a duty not to starve them. The homeless need help but may not be claiming. We do have a welfare state. Plus there are charities too.

Homeless people do get benefits and it is their choice how to spend them.  Every town and city has several places that give food and drink to the homeless and most know 'the circuit'

Well, we could always go for the alms system that Saudi Arabia uses - the only half-decent time for the incarcerated as to fodder being Ramadan donations. Having said that, the more Islamic we become, the more hanz's comment takes on focus....?

Homeless people in Brighton are given food and drink by charity workers who go out at night in a van to do just that.  OK I know it's not the government doing it!

This is perhaps another option hanz:-

I may be wrong but, if you have an address benefits are not paid. Some may also ask for a bank account .

*** if you have No address . 

Anne is correct.

I remember clients when I worked at the drop-in who often got into prison every winter. Not was guaranteed warmth and meals for 3-6 months.

The loss of liberty is the punishment and so the State has a duty to feed those it has imprisoned.

Some homeless people do have bank accounts and if they don't there are other ways in which they can access their benefits.

Anecdotally, there have been people who prefer life lived behind bars and make it their business to get back there as soon as they can.

May be different in Scotland under the Scottish government anneasquith but in England there are benefits available for homeless people

Homeless people can have bank accounts, like this one.

According to the Home Secretary, homelessness is a lifestyle choice, so why would they want to change it by going to gaol.

Homeless people can and do claim benefits, you have a care of address (sometimes using the jobcentre)

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Why Are Prisoners Given Food And Drinks But Homeless People Aren't?

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