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royfromaus | 23:57 Thu 23rd Nov 2023 | Society & Culture
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riots are just around the corner?

Ireland (hi Dave, Gness) is teetering on the edge.



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i have irish citizenship that i was able to claim through my grandmother... she came to britain in the 1950s and never went back!

We always knew there was something bogus about you 🙄

what's bogus about it? 

Untitled, //what's bogus about it? //

That you claim to be an Irish citizen without being Irish, a bit like dopey ("I'm Irish") Joe.

ireland is a country that allows people to claim citizenship by descent even if they are not born there... i believe poland does the same.

you can whine about it all you want but it does mean that a huge proportion of irish citizens are "born abroad" and have the right to settle in ireland without technically even being immigrants

My grandfather was born in Summerhill, Dublin. That means I can claim Irish citizenship and hold an Irish passport but I've never even tried to claim either. One member of the family has and uses the Irish passport quite a lot. 

khandro will be furious to hear it 10clarionstreet

Untitled; //khandro will be furious to hear it..// 

So might be 'Paddy', whose family have toiled in Ireland for generations, finding that those with zero connections to their country, save some ancient, distant relative, are able to live there and reap all the benefits on offer as an equal (in some cases 'more equal') to him.

KHANDRO, the 2022 Census showed the population was 5,149,139 of which 1,017,437 had been born abroad so that is 19.76 per cent.

You claimed the majority (more than half) of those born abroad are Muslims and that equates to at least 508,719 folk in the ROI but that is more than six times the actual figure.

You were right about the percentage born abroad but way out with the number of Muslims.


By the way, I read that almost one in five folk in Germany was born abroad...


is quite large - gt granparents will do.

by  the way, the terms 'grandfathering' meaning transitional rules, comes from the treaties ending the Boer War and giving  the republic of Ireland their glorious independence.

actually we have gradfathering in british nationality for a fella but not  his  children ( unless born here blah de blah detc)

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