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God Is Not Great (Christopher Hitchens)

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Atheist | 20:39 Thu 09th Nov 2023 | Society & Culture
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Difficult to know what category to put this in.

I haven't read his book before, but he is devastating in his analysis of religious/irrational/dogmatic thought.

I don't believe that he hates decent people who happen to have faith.

I think that he hates people who condemn decent people who do not have faith.



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fiveleaves; please don't duck my question. Which of the two destinations do you think appropriate for CH? Do you think that your god has more respect for a creature of his own making who bows down before him and worships him, or a creature of his own making made in his image who displays a bit of intelligence and ask god, "why?"

If you were god, would you reward mindless bumlickers with eternal fun in your presence, or would you show a bit of respect for those who were made in your image?

I'm sorry, but I have a bit of self-respect and I don't offer 'respec' to bully boys.


Atheist; ^^ what a silly post, you really are 'Whistling in the dark'. 

Question Author

Khandro; could you explain what you mean?

'The bible reveals'


^^^can I add a guffaw to your chortle?

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God Is Not Great (Christopher Hitchens)

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