Is Amsterdam Cannabis Regulated?

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roadman | 15:40 Thu 23rd Sep 2021 | Society & Culture
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is the cannabis in Amsterdam regulated and also is the cannabis in Amsterdam taxed?


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It is regulated, you can buy it legally only in small quantities in coffee shops - 5g maximum.
sounds like you are on the bob early me old china!
can you get coffee in these "coffee" shops baza?
You can - and 'brownies'.
Coffee shop rules here:

However it should be noted that tourists might be banned from entering coffee shops in Amsterdam from next year:

There is no specific tax on the sale of cannabis in the Netherlands as, strictly speaking, it remains illegal. However coffee shops pay the same taxes that all other businesses do:
(Note though that the link there is 13 years old. There are now far fewer coffee shops in Amsterdam).
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if its illegal how is it regulated
Question Author
when i say regulated i mean quality control
If you are buying something that is basically illegal then it's 'buyer beware'.
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Could you not have worded that response without a disguised obscenity?
what obscenity?
Forget it, you clearly just have a dirty mouth.
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it seems I'm not allowed to answer.
I saw your replies to me and what you quoted is false with a capital 'F'.

Be assured if I require educating I won't be coming to you.
No idea what was in the post but perhaps if your pearls of wisdom were re-phrased, you might get on better.
Apologies Roadman for my part in diverting your thread, if you're planning a visit then enjoy and take care.
I don't know, roadman.... but my daughter went about 2 years ago, and coffee shops were offering cannabis and mushrooms, for very low prices.
Not judging her, not judging you lol.

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Is Amsterdam Cannabis Regulated?

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