"Whinge Privilege".

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sevenOP | 17:01 Thu 30th Jul 2020 | Society & Culture
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Many commonly bandy around terms like "white privilege" "black power" "democracy" "the silent majority" "socialism" etc., with very individual, selective and elastic interpretations.

Does "whinge privilege" exist and if so can we agree on a definition?

Has the internet increased the number of whingers, has it just exposed whinging to a larger audience , is whinging a 'safety valve' that is a benefit to society, or is whinging a malevolent influence on society, might a large exposure to whinges just encourage or create more whingers?


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I think it's the anonymity that prompts whingeing. It does seem to encourage incel culture, though.
Question Author
#!Oh ! don't start me on about "incel culture" jno !!! --- only joking jno... just hope you are
The loneliness of the long distance whinger.
I think it's both.

Getting something of your chest is usually a good thing for the individual, but we seem to have developed a nation of self-righteous whingers who actively search for something to be upset about, and then whinge for England on social media, and that is of no benefit to anyone.
are wh8ngers new or is it modern
alas no
like the poor - the whingers have always been with us
We British have always liked a good whinge, it’s a national trait.
whining poms - yeah the ozzies have got it - and covid too - hur hur hur
Private whinges are fine. It's when a group of whingers make a national or global issue of nonsense it has got out of hand.
Indeed OG, then we end up with aanother Tory government.

(that'll rally the faithful and summon the ghost of Jeremy) :-)
The internet has spawned a generation that thinks it has the "privilege" to feel insulted. It's difficult at times to speak to someone and have a different opinion, when some people feel "abused" or "insulted" because of your differing opinion. All the notices you see around shops and other facilities that say abuse of staff will not be tolerated, are used as an excuse by the staff to say they are being abused, just because you might have a complaint. It's their right to be insulted, you know! And you'll cop it if they feel that way, when actually, the time of the month mnight have something to do with it, not your comments!
^^^ "might have something to do with it"^^^ Typo!
Definitely the anonymity - 99.9% of keyboard warriors would NOT say it to your face! Blimey, how many people even use their right NAMES on sites like this one?

Allen (christened!)
Whinge privilege should exist because we all have a topic to whinge about.
I'd like to have a whinge concerning whinging about whingers as I haven't had a good whinge in ages.
Anonymity gives one the freedom to speak honestly without the concern of comeback. I've no issue with it. If something illegal occurs then their details are available to the site owner anyway.
Someone should do something!!!
Yes, a law against whinging.
Question Author
There are many unjustified 'privileges' I would outlaw Mamyalynne before I even *considered* whinge privilege, like wealth privilege and the 'c word' privilege.
You would outlaw Mamyalynne?
That's a bit harsh ..... innit?
Question Author
"You would outlaw Mamyalynne?"

Certainly not; nor you Theland, even though the 'c word' privilege may be more apt in your case.

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