Is The Virus Encouraging You To Become A Scruff?

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naomi24 | 08:55 Thu 26th Mar 2020 | Society & Culture
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Assuming that in normal circumstances you follow a routine of carrying out your morning ablutions and making yourself presentable to the world, in these times of isolation do you continue with that or have you lapsed into a life of no make-up, unkempt hair, and pyjamas because if you're not going anywhere anything more taxing isn't worth the effort? Chaps can ignore the reference to make-up - or not - depending on personal preferences.


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Nope, showering every morning, still shaving. Staying in bed longer.
haven't had a shave for a fortnight, i'll make a passable santa claus come christmas

Apart from swapping to leggings and t shirts when I don't need to go out everything else has gone up a notch. Extra skin care, home manicures and pedicures, more plucking and shaving... Fills a bit of time and I feel better.
Still washing etc., but my eyebrows now look like hairy caterpillars! Can't be bothered with them or shaving legs...

Little Tiggs has mostly stayed in his pjs and I'm in sweats. Still working and may have to do video-conferencing with team and other colleagues but I don't particularly care what my hair looks like. We all look a bit scruffy anyway.
No, same routines, same clothes as usual though the gardening togs are seeing more daylight than usual.
Sorry, I don't understand. Become a scruff ?
No scruffier than my normal. Hairs getting long so I think hair clippers set at No 3 soon.
What it is doing is making me a hermit ☺☺☺
Naomi, contrary to what you read into my post in your previous thread on 'appearance' :-), I am almost always presentable. If i'm not working, not going out shopping or visiting friends/relatives, I don my 'staying in' uniform; lounge trousers, t-shirt and slippers. I shower each morning - though I may spend an hour in my bathrobe beforehand, checking out the overnight news, sorting emails, etc - and I may or may not run a razor over this gorgeous face of mine. As I type, I have showered though not shaved and am in my staying in gear - have to wait in for a 'gas safety' check.
I work from home so don't get dressed anyway. I just have a bath and put clean PJs on...but my PJs are more like tracksuits, just lighter material.

I don't wear makeup unless I'm out out.
I get up later but that’s about it, I still shower each morning and it’s either joggers or jeans and a clean top but always slippers, shoes and boots are almost redundant
I get dressed later than normal and still automatically put a pair of earrings on.
However, today I can't have a shower and have to get dressed quicker than normal. Why? Because the flipping boiler has decided to pack in, happened last night. No hot water no heating. So now I have a plumber coming which will break my self isolation and I am not happy at all about that. Bah Humbug.
Yes, I'm looking marginally scruffier than usual - it's not a good look!
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Ken, it was ummmm’s post on the other thread that prompted this question - well that, and something from a long time ago where people were talking about slopping around in pyjamas all day and even going out shopping in pyjamas. Ummmm asked me if I get ‘dressed up’ when I’m at home. ‘Dressed up’ is a bit over the top - I don’t wear evening dress during the day - but I carry on as normal. I would never slouch around in nightwear or a dressing gown all day, nor go without showering, doing my hair, putting on my make-up and jewellery, and dressing in nice clothes, albeit nice jeans and a nice top. Let’s put it this way. I never have to panic if the doorbell rings.

But for the pyjama brigade, there’s always this dressing gown from Louis Vuitton - a snip at £35,500! You’ll have to order it and wait though. It’s currently sold out.
It is my long-term ambition to.
So far, I have had one day off. And my plan was to lie-in and do nothing. It may take some practice, and I have failed this morning already, by getting up at 7 (the dogs insisted). Having a shower, make-up, dressing and taking them out for a quick run. I'll get there... :-)
Doubt your 'gas safety check' will turn up, ken.
So you can get back to wandering around naked or whatever you normally do.
Still showering, still getting dressed but wearing less make up. I still put on my mascara because I look washed out and tired if I don't.
Personally, i think people tell a few porkies when this type of thread comes up.
As if everybody gets up, showers, exercises, dresses up when they don't go to work. (or even if they do) Pull the other one.
Lol. That's a yes from you, then, spice?
Shower, dress in comfortable clothes or gardening clothes depending on the weather, but no make up or hair products.

Not gone bra-less yet!
I admit to being a bit lax about showering every morning, unless I’ve had night sweats. I get properly dressed and put make up on, though. I feel a bit scuzzy sitting around in my pyjamas.

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