Is The Virus Encouraging You To Become A Scruff?

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naomi24 | 08:55 Thu 26th Mar 2020 | Society & Culture
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Assuming that in normal circumstances you follow a routine of carrying out your morning ablutions and making yourself presentable to the world, in these times of isolation do you continue with that or have you lapsed into a life of no make-up, unkempt hair, and pyjamas because if you're not going anywhere anything more taxing isn't worth the effort? Chaps can ignore the reference to make-up - or not - depending on personal preferences.


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Then you must hope that the other doesn't tell them ;-))
Oh! Hadn't thought of that :-)
Although I shower (still)every day ,I’ve always been a scruff, if I was ever to wear a suit I’d just look like a scruff in a suit, I look pretty cool in my kilt tho
Do you still bother with the auld bra, steg?
Don't wear it upside down -:/
//Do you still bother with the auld bra, steg?//

Aye bud, keeps my ears warm
I look like a hung over wino at the best of times
so trying harder .....
additional nits from one of the local kids off skool?

and so - accts for year ending 6 Apr 2020 almost done, no not a work of fiction - perhaps a work of - - future fact!

I am learning a NT greek dictionary - done omega and most of alpha = ayyion - angion " a container" This great stuff keeps me off the streets. Someone is bound to love that to quote in a future cruel jibe about me

Looking at the data - and wondering why the american people dont jeer our fave prez ( he looks a sight - a cross between the wax effigy of Lenin and Jeffrey Epstein - churches full but not of coffins

we have come to

The End of the World is Nigh !
badly typed sozza - no offence meant I hope none taken
dubble sozza
bliar was regularly heckled and someone threw a shoe at him innit
theres respect for you !
^^ all that reads a bit scruffy to me.
god there are some flippant remarks on this thread
I stopped combing my hair - about twenty years ago - short hair
no 1 or no 2. - no this is not a blow-the-belt remark
looks better they say
oh tea cake - thanks for reading it !
PJs here and if having to go out the front ie to do the bins then I may pull on jeans and hoodie but no bra for over a week - heaven!
Since retiring, I'm a bit erratic with showering *every* day. It's more like morning one day...evening the next. Though it was always evening when working. When Sally was alive, I just had to get up and out QUICKLY.
I always get dressed first thing, and even though I'm confined due to Sammi and his nerves, I still put lippy on and make sure my hair is tidy. If I were to go out to the shops I'd include eye makeup. I've often fantasized about slobbing all day in my jammies...but that's really not me.
My nails need doing now...more handwashing is showing.
I've just been out digging the garden. I'd have looked a right idiot if I put on my ballgown every morning when I got up. (It was bad enough that my glasses fell off and I had to hunt through the shrubbery to retrieve them, imagine if it had been my tiara.) As far as I'm concerned, I dress for gardening every day, and if the queen comes calling, well, I could always put on a fascinator.
Pasta //I've often fantasized about slobbing all day in my jammies...but that's really not me.//

That's just what I was trying to say... if even there is a hope of it on a day off, I get bored and sorted by 10 at the latest. But i try...
Parks, road traffic & lanes empty. Jods, boots & whip ready.....tally ho ;)
May be I should have said looked, saw PP, and scrolled on by. :0)
I don't think I've gone a day without make-up since I was 16. I pretty much have been getting up and dressed as normal for work (apart from footwear) even though I'm going into the dining room that's become my office. Showering and hair washing the same. I want to keep in the mental state that I'm working.
I still shower every morning and make myself look reasonably presentable. I will not lounge around in a dressing gown as I was brought up at a time when you didn't have breakfast without getting washed and dressed. One of my big bugbears is that men wear a tie with the top button of their shirt undone. Either do the top button up or take the tie off! Same with suit jackets - two button jacket - only the top button fastened. Three button jacket - middle button or middle button and top buttons fastened. If you want short sleeves, wear a short sleeved shirt - don;t roll your sleeves up. Lastly, for the sake of everyone, don't go round with your backside hanging out the top of you trousers!
MartinMillar - you wear a bra??

All this about showering every day makes me smile. I have one bath every week, whether I need it or not, and have done all my life! Are we not a tad obsessed with showering?

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