What Will The Unaffordable Ones Be Used For?

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vetuste_ennemi | 22:22 Fri 19th Jul 2019 | Society & Culture
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Sitting in the hairdressers on Monday I picked up a newsletter from my local "Business Forum".

This is a quote from it under the heading "More homes from The Old Vinyl Factory":

"Weston Homes will be providing 181 one, two and three-dedroom apartments in the Assembly Building with 52 being at affordable prices."

Why are the other one hundred and twenty-nine being built. Any ideas?


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maybe the other 129 will be unaffordable for everyone except French billionaires? :-)
er for moolah - why else do speculative builders build houses

affordable just means for people like you and me, vet
or is this just a playful, teasing v-e wind up?

it is common now for planning permission to be given for development of a site so that some cheaper houses are built. I dont know who administers them and if they fall down quicker ( have lower standards)
It's not a totally clear definition in all cases.
Maybe they will be higher-spec and the builder will make more money from then. Perhaps it had to build the affordable ones as a condition of getting planning permission.
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The "Old Vinyl Factory" is a reference to EMI.

Totally off piste, but you'll some will see the connection. The highest goddess in the VE pantheon:

Anybody see Fraulein Schwartzkopf on Masterclass - decades ago now? Was it BBC2? God, she was a terrifying woman.
Gotta store the nuclear waste somewhere.
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A hundred unaffordable apartments doesn't seem like the most obvious or cheapest way of disposal, though. Does it?
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Tell you what, it's not the safest, is it?
Isn't affordable housing the same as social housing? The council or housing association get them cheaper.
Yeah, but who would think of looking there ?
I think affordable implies private purchase.
Isn't social the new term for council ?
I mean separate from commercial purchase.
Not sure. There used to be a council waiting list and a housing association list. I thought (or read) that new estates had to build a % of housing to go on these lists as part as their planning permission.
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//The council or housing association get them cheaper//

Does that mean the council pays less?

Or does that mean the council buys at full cost in order to house parasites?
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Not suggesting that these extremes are the only definitions. Just the obvious ones.
I think the council pay less.

Not all council tenants are parasites btw...
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Not all of them are, Ummmm. I agree.
Some of these homes will end up sold or (more probably) rented at considerably less than the going rate. And somebody other than the purchaser or the renter will pick up the bill for the discount. That's what "affordable" means - afforded by people who cannot afford them and paid for by people who can (but shouldn't have to).

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What Will The Unaffordable Ones Be Used For?

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