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Maybe they would be if they were ever assessed.
If it makes you feel better then by all means call the Monsignor mentally ill , it doesn't stop others on here usually.
I'm not sure the Monsignor is mentally ill as such, but one of the cornerstones of the Catholic church is an unshakable sense of delusion - and that is what is in evidence here.
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I mean.. the city is plagued, so lets pour holy water from a helicopter....

I guess time till tell.

Funnily enough, only in Britain is the term Monsignor not used to refer to RC bishops.
I'd save my judgement on him and condemn the marauding gangs of murderers and abductors.

Who is doing the most harm?
Look upon it as a scientific experiment,. Clearly it needs to be done with more than one city. One wonders which city is the control group one.
You don't have to do harm to be mentally ill. I think the only real difference between a mental condition and an illness is how detrimental it is in your daily life.
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"Who is doing the most harm?"

If we look over time, certainly religion.
"If we look over time, certainly religion."

Tricky one, the Preachers, Popes, priests, rabbis, vicars, imams etc. over time share more guilt than the 'preached to'. ( like guns don't kill people, people kill people ) but then again the Books are tres dodgy, so in the long run, I agree... NO CONTEST.
I was of course referring to the piece under discussion, I'll leave you to sort him out.
Mamya - // Who is doing the most harm? //

Clearly that is not in dispute - but in terms of who is doing the most good - that makes them about equal.

Motives don't count - results do, and in that, they are equal - at zero.
When you say ‘these people’ do you mean everyone who follows a religion?
He is no more mentally ill than anyone else who believes that there is an imaginary guy who lives in the clouds, a man rose from the dead and that praying to these people will make their lives better.

Anyone who believes in religion can be classed as mentally ill
'Anyone who believes in religion can be classed as mentally ill.'

No, mental illness is very different from religious belief and faith. It is not a term to be used flippantly.
Tilly... As someone that suffers from several mental health problems, I am aware than mental health is different from having faith or believing in religion. I was merely making the point that Spath was saying that the bishop could be considered mentally ill for his act and if that was the case then all religious people could be considered the same. I was not trying to use the term flippantly, I was merely trying to make a point that if one religious person was mentally ill then all religious people are.

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How Are We In A Time Where These People Aren't Considered Mentally Ill

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