Vegans And Peer Pressure

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spathiphyllum | 10:50 Fri 28th Jun 2019 | Society & Culture
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Are vegans proving that peer pressure doesn't work?

I never liked alcohol, i went to the pub with some mates , i now drink alcohol

I never wanted to have a vegan diet, i met a load of vegans, and i still don't want a vegan diet.


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Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t
There are limits.
And it works more efficiently when there are loads taking up a fashion and persuading others that have more sense that they are out of step and should join them.
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I think it's hard to be peer pressured into such drastic life style changes.
It's easier to drink a pint than spend loads of time in supermarkets reading labels.
an alcoholic vegan will be along in a minute ...

Spath //I think it's hard to be peer pressured//
Depends on the mental strength of the person being coerced.
Danny probably has it. I have always disliked the taste of beer and to this day (aged 73) never drink it - interestingly, one of my three sons doesn't even drink any alcohol (aged almost 31), another drinks beer but he has always noticeably needed to fit in and be accepted, the third is an alcoholic largely drinking beer. Ever since tasting them, I dislike the taste of both coffee and tea. In the same order, two sons drink neither and the third occasionally drinks (I think) either. The pressure to drink either coffee or tea is much greater than the pressure to drink beer (think Muslim communities/countries where I have been). I guess I just never gave in to any of the pressure and to a substantial degree neither have my sons. My wife and mother of two of them drinks lots of both coffee and tea, but not beer.
It's worked for me, I now buy a lot more vegan food than I used to and I quite like it. I can't see me becoming a full vegan though, but happy being a vegetarian !
Less than 1 in 100 are vegans, so I doubt they exert an enormous peer pressure.

There is as much chance of everyone becoming vegans as there is an end to militarised warfare.

People often conflate peer pressure and propaganda.
I have never given in to peer pressure, in my teens, you could line up forty friends and I would be the only one who had short hair and did not smoke or drink - I enjoyed being different.

I think the trend for veganism is driven more by a belief that it is healthy, but there will always be people who think that animal cruelty is wrong.
As I see it, hereIam, veganism, like all dietary schemes, is an either/or status. Buying food that vegans would eat won't make one a vegan. You need the inexplicable rejection of other foods too.
"...but there will always be people who think that animal cruelty is wrong."

That definitely would show Honour and Integrity. ( and Humanity? or is that pushing it a bit ? )
OG I'm not quite sure what you mean, I said I couldn't see myself becoming a vegan.
You wrote, "I can't see me becoming a full vegan though".
Full vegan ? Oh maybe you meant one that'd eaten too much ;-)
Nope, still not with ya - unless you're nitpicking.
I have have been on a plant based diet for over 2 months now as I chose to do it, however, I would never dream of pressuring anyone to do the same. Not my place to.

I stopped drinking alcohol several years ago and every time I go down the pub I always get one or two people trying to get me to drink. I have walked out of a pub because of this in the past because of the pressure.
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Vegans And Peer Pressure

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