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divegirl | 08:57 Sat 04th May 2019 | Society & Culture
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I love this site... have been a member for far too long lol

I rarely post but am always here and as a vegan I am basically gobsmacked at times at peoples attitude towards my lifestyle choice and yes it is a choice. As is yours.

BUT [from the Vegan Society]

Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

At 47 years of age [50 this year] I adopted the Vegan lifestyle because I became aware of the apathy and my own jaded sense of what is right and wrong. Right to kill a pig... but not a dog? blah blah blah

Have you ever watched any documentaries concerning veganism? Earthlings? Cowspiracy? What the health?

Do you know what cognitive dissonance is?

I'm not posting this to be confrontational, I am truley interested in what people think :)

Lisa x


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Not veganism naomi, but vegeterianism and I'm starting tomorrow when I go shopping for food. I totally agree with andres, there is far too much suffering in the animal world, all down to us. How awful for them to know they are going to die.
08:58 Mon 06th May 2019
don't hate vegans and have nothing against those who follow such a doctrine..but it is a right old pain in the bum catering for visitors with such a regime..that's it really !!
I don't hate vegans, never have and always try to defend them on here when people kick off, but you get the usual response that 'they always have to let you know they are vegan'! I am not a vegan, or even a vegetarian, but I don't eat lamb because it is a baby animal and I don't know how anybody can eat a baby animal. I tried being a vegetarian once and lasted a few years, but it was Dad's delicious Christmas dinners that finally made me cave, I just missed them so much. I admire you divegirl.
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hello Minty... was the GMEB thread that got me going lol

Vegan bread? It's all vegan and always has been unless stated with an allergen

Crackers... dips... so many alternatives to animal based foods. I know you love to cook and cater as do I and have the most amazing time finding the best cruelty free 'versions' of much loved favourites! My brownies are the most sort after sweet thing at the school I work in lol xx
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Hi hereiam :)

All animals you choose to eat are babies.

Piglets are usually sent to the kill floor at six months... aside the few saved to be breeders and semen provdiers. They can live 15 years.
Chicks... ground up at birth [although there is technology on the way that is trying to stop this] or grown at an accelerated rate via hormones and gene work as supermarket chickens... or 18 months in a cage producing 300 eggs as opposed to the normal 15 a year. Then culled.
Calfs.... need I go on?
animal fats in bread and milk products ? friends have refused normal bread in the past...have made bread using Almond milk and olive oil !!
have also had to get in special soap/hand wash for them !!
I don’t hate vegans and I understand their concern for animal welfare, but I don’t understand why they don’t, for example, eat eggs that are never going to become chickens. Hens lay eggs regardless.
..and vegan candles... lol
I know all about calves, I would never eat veal either. I agree with everything you say and maybe need to evaluate my lifestyle. I also don't eat pork, but I have to be honest here, it's because I think it's too fatty. I know that as an animal lover, I need to try harder.
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Pretty much every bread sold is vegan unless it's some sort of artisan loaf with nuts and blah blah blah.

When I adopted the lifestyle I will admit to having a breakdown [literally cried] over buying canned veggie goods... they had all sorts of *** in it that was so unnecessary! Milk in wine? What The Funicular? Fish bladders in alcohol... I mean, come on. We have, as the superior thing on the planet chosen to use and abuse everything below us. It makes me sad.
Because they are constantly saying stuff like

"heloo, attention please ... I'm a vegan"

Gets on my napper.
I do not know any vegans
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@ naomi24

Chickens!!! I love birds... I have two parrots and would gladly put them in a pie most days... little feckers!!!!!

I believe that at some point during the race to the top we lived a symbiotic relationship with animals...
They provided us with the nutrition we needed. Now there are so many alternatives... we don't need to hurt our fellow earthlings ;)

A chicken can live 20 years... and a hen will produce eggs in that time. Why does she do that? To further her species... like us! Shocking init?

A chicken as you know it now is bred to be big. So big it can barely walk.. but that's ok because the RSPCA only requires....
this is rarely adhered to :(
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@ talbot go look up cognitive dissonance...

We sincerely don't mean to be annoying lol

But it's sort of like we 'get it' and you don't.

'But bacon' is never a good answer when conversing with one of our kind ;)

What shampoo do you use? Serious question there xx

I doubt anyone hates vegans but they are being awkward to cater for. And their reason given for being so is impractical to say the least. Life feeds on life so to avoid the reality is a strange choice to start with, but this is made much worse when even using animal related things that don't harm anything is avoided too. But one accepts the misguided opinions of others as long as they don't try pushing such strange behaviours as if they were somehow more moral rather than perverse.
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@ johnny.5

Good morning johnny.5 It is a beautiful day... am I right?

Now you do know one of us lol

Any questions :) xx
I certainly don't hate vegans and don't judge their lifestyle choices just as I don't expect them to judge mine.
I'm a meat eater and will eat any type of meat. I've been to farms and seen the animals raised, I've been to abattoirs and seen them killed. I have killed animals, cooked and eaten them.

Don't judge me and I won't judge you
divegirl, but by eating eggs that are never going to become chickens you aren't hurting your fellow earthlings so that doesn't answer the question.
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Good morning Old_Geezer

For me it's about being open minded and learning....

Yes, as I have said before that no doubt there has always been a symbiotic relationship between us and other animals on this rock.

But you know what? Hopefully we have evolved and are now capable of moving on. We used to think it was ok to use black people as slaves because... meh... different colour to us!

I know I will not see it in my life time but there will hopefully be a day when lives matter more than taste. And if that means pigs, cows, sheep and cute furry animals become a rarity rather than the norm then so be it!

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