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divegirl | 08:57 Sat 04th May 2019 | Society & Culture
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I love this site... have been a member for far too long lol

I rarely post but am always here and as a vegan I am basically gobsmacked at times at peoples attitude towards my lifestyle choice and yes it is a choice. As is yours.

BUT [from the Vegan Society]

Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

At 47 years of age [50 this year] I adopted the Vegan lifestyle because I became aware of the apathy and my own jaded sense of what is right and wrong. Right to kill a pig... but not a dog? blah blah blah

Have you ever watched any documentaries concerning veganism? Earthlings? Cowspiracy? What the health?

Do you know what cognitive dissonance is?

I'm not posting this to be confrontational, I am truley interested in what people think :)

Lisa x


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Not veganism naomi, but vegeterianism and I'm starting tomorrow when I go shopping for food. I totally agree with andres, there is far too much suffering in the animal world, all down to us. How awful for them to know they are going to die.
08:58 Mon 06th May 2019
BB, you know some humans literally couldn't survive form a vegan diet?
bainbrig, I think you will find the vitriol came from divegirl herself!
Humans would never have been able to evolve how we have without meat, and the vitamins and minerals, fats and oils that came with it. b12 is an essential vitamin every human requires. This comes from animals, fats, meats etc.. The only natural way to get b12 is from eating meat.
And just to add.. It's not about value of an animal at all. It's about the eaters preference. It's like some people like fruit and vegetables but won't eat tomato.. Some people don't eat meat at all yet eat fish. pescaterian life.

It's not just about ethics.. It's about simple will and desire as well as disgust and ease. I'd rather kill a cockroach than a horse.. but i'd rather eat a horse burger than a cockroach burger. I hold a horse in higher regard as a sentient being than i do a cockroach.. simply because there are probably about 1 horse for every 100 cockroach in
the world.
Whoever you are, whatever you are, and whatever you believe in, if you were starving, and I mean really starving, and I wouldn't think anyone on here as experience such, you would eat (anything) you could lay your hands on. Our shops are crammed full of food, and choice, so we end up spoiled and picky. This thread would be a joke to some parts of the world. :)
"you would eat (anything) you could lay your hands on"

Largely rubbish, but there are scintillas of truth behind the thought. Narayanan Krishnan, the ex-celebrity Indian chef, gave up his celebrity and his wealth to found and run a refuge in Southern India to feed and care for the starving rejects of that society, after he came across an old man so hungry he was eating his own excrement (or as you would say round here, poo).

But, curiously, cannibalism and the eating of companion animals is much less common than teacake's cynicism would suggest.

There are many stories of people starving to death and NOT eating their fellow humans, or sacrificing their faithful dogs or cats, but rather dying first.

Don't judge all by your own standards, teacake; thankfully, others live by different codes.

So in conclusion (possibly) I think that us vegetarians and vegans should try to get away from the traditional English ‘meat and 2 veg ‘ type meals and try more adventurous types of cooking.
bainbrig @ 11:28 Tues,
/// QED, divegirl. Pages and pages of vitriol, of hatred, just because you stood up and declared “Vegan.”///

I think you will find the majority of removed posts were actually divegirls, but don't let that stop you.
herbivores feed continuously whereas carnivores feed spasmodically, when hungry.

If humans live as herbivores they would have less time & energy to work daily, especially in cold climates that sap energy for warmth.
I do not hate vegans, just consider them as nutters.
... and we all love a bit of meat.
The only reason for me to hate vegans is if they make serious (violent) objection to me using animal food/products or try to disrupt the production of such. Then their preferences impinge on mine & I won't like that.

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