Meghan Markle's Father Says He Won't Stop Talking To The Media ….

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naomi24 | 09:11 Wed 18th Jul 2018 | Society & Culture
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….until he's a part of his daughter's life. Her half-sister is publishing a book on ‘living in the shadow of a duchess’ and says the royals are an embarrassment for being so cold. She says that if their father dies, Meghan will be responsible. Why on earth do either of them think this is the way to build bridges? Meghan's mother has behaved with grace and dignity, but I can’t say I blame Meghan for distancing herself from the rest of her family. What a graceless, uncouth, money-grabbing bunch they are.


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I think "graceless, uncouth, money-grabbing bunch" pretty much nails it.

You cant choose your family - unfortunately, for her.
I'll be sure to look out for their collective output.

They might even get one of those TV shows like the ones with the junkies or the fat idiots slavering over ever more disgusting deep fried food.

Fingers crossed for a classy outcome.
I wholeheartedly agree. I'd have nothing to do with them. The UK media should have some respect for the Royal family and refuse to print their botox.
/// What a graceless, uncouth, money-grabbing bunch they are.///

I couldn't agree more - I feel very sorry for the mother, trapped with these unseemly specimens.
not a very nice bunch. I assume the reason the UK media are publishing their rants is that they secretly hope Meghan herself will turn out to have a cloven hoof too; but I don't think she will.
Well I think Meghan is playing a great part of being a duchess!.

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Meghan Markle's Father Says He Won't Stop Talking To The Media ….

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