Concentration camps II

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wildwood | 21:04 Wed 14th Nov 2012 | Society & Culture
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Isn't it time that Society started considering locking these lower than low criminals up in concentration style camps for ever? This piece of filth not only abused the boy, but also got him stoned by putting drugs in his inhaler, broke bones and in the end got such a jolly by abusing this poor 2 year old child that he hit it so hard in the stomach that he died from a split pancreas and liver.

I've read all about how these unfortunate excuses for a human are disenfranchised from reality and how they had a poor upbringing by not being breasfed, but really... do they still deserve to live amongs us?


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The notion of creating ' concentration Camps' is not one that any civilsed society would indulge in if it knew what was good for it, so no it's not a good idea as it simply normalises brutality which is exactly what we need to avoid. As to the treatment of people who abuse and kill children and other vulnerable people I think it is appropriate to make sure they are incarcerated for a very long time, punished and undergo counselling to try to unravel why and where their violence stems from and treated accordingly. We need to keep them away from people they can harm and make sure that whatever caused this pattern of abuse is not replicated in the next generation. Personally I'd hope he serves a very long time in prison under a strict regime, but concentration camps are an unthinkable idea.
People who commit these terrible crimes should be locked up for life with no special privileges - but not in concentration camps. That is a very slippery slope. The very idea chills me to the bone.
Oh come on people barstewards like this should be seperated from their breath.

Try asking the UK population in a referendum whether they support the death penalty for murders of, say, children or policemen . I bet there would be a considerable majority for execution.
as usual i agree with NOX... that would be a step backwards.

concentration camps were the work of sadistic nazis... not normal civilised society ... whilst i agree that the criminals would 'deserve' the horror of being in one... it still cannot happen in this day and age.

what must happen is that prisons become harsher... priviledges removed etc

it seems that the main real punishment prison gives is removal of freedom to go where we please ... it does not remove many other things, they still get luxuries and access to entertainment etc ... lt should be a lot less comfortable.

high risk prisoners should get basic rations, no treats, just a few books, no TV etc
they must have some things to do though to pass the time as without it they may become restless and create their own 'entertainment'...
"...concentration camps were the work of sadistic nazis.."

Not so. Concentration camps were an invention of the British to contain POWs during the Boer war. The mistreatment meted outed to concentration camp prisoners by the Nazis does not invalidate the concentration camp per se as a suitable method of incarceration.
WR is right, a long drop on the end of a short rope would cure them and it's a dam sight cheaper then keeping them in jail for life.

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Concentration camps II

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