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Davethedog | 15:50 Fri 06th Jan 2012 | Society & Culture
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Uncertain which religion to choose your let your lifestyle dictate:



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do i really have to be a scientologist ?

thats so unfair.
I'm supposed to be a Mayan
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Ankou rich and mad hmmm where do you live :-)
Ankou., I never suspected the rich bit..
The 'insane' bit is undeniable, but depending on how rich 'rich' is, I'm either an atheist or a scientologist.

I love the 'Do you think underwear is magical?' question. :o)
Dagnabbit! I wish I could claim credit for this ;)
Im gonna have to audit myself and regain clear status...............
I like the fact that what separates Muslims and Jews is a love of Hummus.
Hmm, had my beloved monsta not died last year I would have been a Wiccan. Now Im the owner of a white cat I seem to be a Hindu.
Brilliant. On the subject of magical underwear....

I wouldn't mind some of that underwear - can you get it at M & S?
I love South Parks take on Mormonism - you tube clip attached ;) Media URL:

I've just watched the video you linked. Absolutely outstanding. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are sublime in their satire.

Dumb dumb dumb dumb duuuumb :-)
What if i dont want to be an atheist?
This is probably the result of Sith's research into what religion he should follow.
Ted..I expect it is Ok tp be an agnostic as that is the cop out option ;-)
^ to...
Does the Ed put these typos in to annoy us?
I'm a boring generic surprise there then.
I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives, where people that knock on the door are let inside without a thorough inspection of their identity

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