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Как ваш день шел?(How did your day go?)

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123345 | 21:55 Sat 29th Apr 2006 | People & Places
11 Answers
Я только задавался вопросом, как всеобщий день пошел. Мой пошел действительно хорошо, и я купил новый розовый жук фольксвагена. Я также спас 40 фунтов в продажах. (mine was fine)


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Jimmy Rimmer
Question Author
Exactly!Totally understand what you meant(not)!
Question Author
Same goes for you
Some Like It Hot
Question Author
These are short answers

Pink Beetle... you poor poor thing.

Having a great day here.


PS. Let me know if you need extra Russian tuition;0), looks like you could do with some help.

It's our attention spans
Отлично товарищ
Question Author
I was just seeing what people would give as an answer to this.In case you wandered my question said that I had had a really good day and just bought my first car,a pink volkswagen beetle.

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Как ваш день шел?(How did your day go?)

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