Tracing family history - RAF records

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stoo_pid | 19:55 Fri 04th Nov 2005 | People & Places
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My Dad was an engineer of some sort on the Lancaster bombers during the war. Does anyone have any advice on how I could find out where he was based / which squadron he was in, or what records (if any) would exist of his service?


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You can get your Dads Service history from the Royal Air Force Records. The address is; PMA(Sec)1b(RAF) Room 5, Building 248A. RAF Personnel Management Agency, RAF Innsworth, Gloucester, GL3 1Ez. You will have to give them as much information as you have .eg Name,Date of birth,Place of birth, and the time he spent in the service. This is how I got my Dads service records.
It would also help a lot if you could quote his service number.

Both of these are correct, but if you don't have your dads' service number, don't despair. It's still possible to get his service record as long as you provide as much information as you possibly can.

Your fathers' next of kin will have to give permission for his service record to be sent to you. If you are his next of kin, there will not be a problem. If it is someone else, e.g. an older sibling, they will have to give you a letter of authorisation.

You will also have to send your fathers' birth and death certificates.

If you don't know his service number, try to remember as much as you can that he told you about his service, e.g. did he ever tell you where he was on Sept. 3rd 1939, the day war was declared on Germany? Or did he ever tell you the places where he had been based?

I had to do all this to get my dads' service record, although he was in the navy.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the information. It only gave his date of joining and de-mob, then the ships and dates he served on, along with his rank throughout his service. There was nothing about any battles or engagements. I beleive that information is only available from the National Archive at Kew, which is not on-line. If you want to go there, you have to make an appointment.

I'm really sorry stoo_pid if I'm putting you off. I hope you get all the info you require. Good luck.

Just an idea - if your dad was in the RAF when he married, his marriage certificate may have his service number on it.

I recently got my grandads marriage cert and in the box for occupation, it had 'Trooper 799364, Royal Tank Regiment', and then his 'proper' occupation written underneath.

You might like to try, they have a section for the Services.The site is free and there are plenty of folk who to help you find what you want. Some people have access to service records, I believe. Good luck

Marta Hari

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Tracing family history - RAF records

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