Xenophobes Please Stay Clear.

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Canary42 | 18:50 Thu 20th Aug 2015 | Military
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I would appreciate the Xenophobes keeping clear of this thread, we don't need their poisonous propaganda here.

Following is an appeal from a British Soldier, George. Please read it.

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"I served with the British Army in Afghanistan in 2011, 2012 and 2013. While we were there we used local interpreters to help us. There is one interpreter I will always remember, Khushal.

On one patrol he spotted danger and helped save me and my men from an explosive device. Every day Khushal gladly put his life at risk to protect British soldiers. We gave him the nickname 'Happy' for the cheerfulness with which he went about his dangerous work.

Now Khushal needs my help -- because of his work for the British army the Taliban came looking for him. They killed his brother. He fled and now he's in a refugee camp in Calais -- desperate to come to the UK and be granted asylum. Please sign my petition for the UK Government to reassess his case for a visa.

The UK Government doesn't automatically grant visas for Afghan interpreters that served before 2012, so Khashul applied for a visa for interpreters facing intimidation. To qualify officials needed to carry out checks in his home area. But his village was too dangerous for officials to visit, so he was caught in a ridiculous catch-22!

For over a year and a half Khashul lived in constant fear, moving from place to place waiting for a visa. Finally he couldn't wait any longer and made the perilous journey to Europe. He is now in Calais hoping to be allowed into the UK.

I know many feel we have a problem with immigration, but this is a man who loves and has served our country. He put his life on the line for British soldiers and now his life is on hold. If we are going to let anyone in, it should be this guy!

Please read Khushal's story for yourself and sign my petition for the Minister of Immigration to reassess his case. He helped save my life - now help me save his.

Thank you,

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Please sign the petition.

Thank you.



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Signed. He has done the state some service and the least we can do now is offer him sanctuary.
//Given the content of your opening paragraph, No, I will not sign it!//

Ratter, despite Canary42''s unfortunate opening paragraph this man deserves your signature.
My heart ached for this man......not to sign because of the way Canary introduced the post is beyond me....and saddens me.

ditto to gness
signed and shared on Facebook.
Thanks, Dave and Baths....

Imagine coming face to face with this man and saying......I have read about what you did for my country.....what you gave.....and how it's destroyed your life but hey....
....someone I don't know on a question and answer forum annoyed me so tough.....I won't help you.
I've also signed this.
janbee...well done...everybody should.
good point, gness + s-d.....please reconsider, nay-sayers ....

x x
This guy has now been I'm bumping in the hope of a few more signatures..... x
Thank you both.....♥
Only just seen this,I signed too.
Khushal is now in the UK! Isn't that fantastic......thanks for the OP, Canary and thanks to all who signed......☺
Good news yes.

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Xenophobes Please Stay Clear.

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