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Postal deliveries

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Beswad | 15:22 Mon 20th Dec 2010 | Shopping & Style
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Is everyone in the UK experiencing some sort of delay in postal deliveries regardless if it was post with first class due to the current weather condition and the Christmas rush?


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Our post has been arriving as normal, must have a good postie, even when the weather was bad he got here
Yes I deal with ups, Tnt, Yodel Ups the Royal Mail etc.. and there is a 6 million parcel backlog because of last months snow which will now combine with this months snow and I have been told personally that all the warehouses are heaving under the backlog.
I have received all orders - one from the earring boutique within 2 days. Amazon only a few days' later than normal.

However am still waiting for something from since the 2nd of December.
Question Author
It's funny, bills and junk mails have no problem arriving at your door step, but parcels and personal mails experience delays.
The postal service are having difficulty keeping up with both the collection and delivery of post, especially in areas worst hit by the bad weather. For example, Scotland. I work in a Post Office and we were informed last week that anything sent Parcelforce to Scotland (which is usually there in either one or two working days) was unlikely to be delivered before Christmas. There are extra postmen working, today there were 4 different postmen (well, 3 postmen and one postlady!) in our village, both delivering the mail and collecting it (from the Post Office and the post boxes). There are other issues too, for example, many parcels which used to be put on passenger planes are now going on cargo planes only, after the recent bomb scares over the ink toners in Yemen and Birmingham. You may not think that this would affect inland post, but in fact much of it goes airmail (for example, Liverpool to Exeter).
I'm waiting for 6 things from Amazon and we've had no post since Thursday, no bins collected for 2 ½ weeks and no recycling collection for 4 ½ weeks - all related to snow on Fridays!
For the past fortnight I have received mail every other day.
I've just found this statement for staff
Royal Mail
More heavy snow and freezing temperatures over the last few days are causing further significant disruption to mail services. This is affecting our ability to collect, process, transport and deliver the large, concentrated volumes of mail we receive at this, the busiest time of the year. Most delivery and collection services are still taking place today in the 3000 postcode districts across the country and we will continue to operate services in all areas, provided conditions are safe. Some delivery and collection services may be particularly disrupted in Northern Ireland, Wales, parts of Scotland and in parts of the South East, South West, North West, East Anglia and Thames Valley regions.

Whilst we have been and will continue to do all we can to get mail to customers, the current conditions, added to significant disruption throughout December, means there are unavoidable delays to mail travelling through our UK network. We have been operating national and local contingency plans for some time to keep moving and delivering mail.

We are continuing to make every effort to deliver to customers.
Question Author
Thanks for the useful info spudqueen.

I remember back in the days when weather condition isn't a factor, when you get 2 deliveries per day. But with cries of modernisation of postal service, you think their efficiency have improve some what, if anything it's gotten worse.
My order took longer than normal. I am on South Coast.
Amazon gave me a delivery date of last Thursday for my order. They despatched it on the Monday before and I received it yesterday. I've sent it up to Mansfield today via special delivery but was told that it mightn't necessarily be there tomorrow given the delays.

Interestingly, I ordered something from Firebox at the same time and it arrived two days later by courier.
From North Kent ordered from on the 28th November still not arrived, ordered from John Lewis on the 10th Dec still not arrived, mail delivered yesterday being the first for 5 days, and this is to a main town in Kent, Going out this afternoon to buy (hopefully) from local shop and send the above back IF and WHEN they arrive.
KJN don't hold out much hope of you finding much of anything in high street stores now. what are you after?
PS3 Games.Phoning around now, found one and its one more to go,
My son posted cards from Dumfries for friends and family on Mon 13th Dec, and no one has received any up till now 23rd.
We haven't had any post for over a week but we've sill got over 10 inches of snow and no grit so I don't blame the Royal Mail!
Our post has arrived on time as usual, the postman still wears his crop trousers and its freezing.
The post office will I think have 3 stamps next year 1st , 2nd & Maybesometime

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Postal deliveries

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