how to mend a tear in sheer fabric

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blueskys | 11:14 Tue 22nd Jan 2008 | Shopping
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Does anyone know the neatest way for me to repair a rip in a sheer fabric dress? (similar to voile) I have looked at iron on mending tape but i think this might be too stiff & I cant find online supply in black, too flimsy for needle & thread.


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I think you might find it difficult to *invisibly mend* the sheer fabric. The iron-on mending tape would definitely be too *thick* for voile - it is similar to bias binding and has an adhesive coating that joins fabrics together on the application of heat from an iron.

One thing I can think of is to use some iron on mending tape (Tesco's actually sell it in packs of black, white & grey) but make a feature of it by replicating the strip on the other side of the garment. I repaired a sheer voile dress for a friend in this way but since she always wore a black underslip beneath it, the repair wasn't too obvious.

There is a product around called Fray Check - a sort of glue that you apply to ripped seams etc. to stabilise the rip but I've never tried it - you might want to investigate that first !

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how to mend a tear in sheer fabric

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