all in one pyjamas

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plop1389 | 00:09 Tue 13th Nov 2007 | Shopping
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Anyone know where I can get adult sized all in one pyjamas or atleast ones that will fit an adult in the UK? Thanks


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That is quite scary. How do you go to the toilet in them? Your top half will get cold.
LOL as well Ethel. I can just imagine my dash to the loo in the early hours of the morning!
Looks like a babygrow for an adult. :)) Mind you it does look cosy.
But i would imagine it would be a bit of a passion killer :))
I used to have some of those plop & although they were very snuggly to wear in the evenings before I went to bed, it wasn't much fun struggling to get them off to go to the loo, 'specially in mid winter - shivers!

Although, If you want to wear them in bed, maybe you can buy them with poppers underneath - much easier! ;o}
I searched and came up with adult fetish sites (which I hasten to add I didn't click on)
Oh dear, my all in one PJ's were far from adult fetish Lofty!

They were wincyette, hence me not wearing them in bed - I was only in my 30's! lol
He he Smudge. I believe you even if no-one else does!!!

Seriously though, I think they are quite popular with some men who wan't to play at being babies (ugh!)
Ha, ha, ha, Lofty - Your'e probably right!

In fact I was switching channels late one night & there was a programme showing a weird bloke who was dressed up in a nappy & an equally weird woman changing him - eeewww! Needless to say I quickly turned it over! lol

(Sorry for the hijack plop)!
I saw that programme Smudge. Seriously weird but apparently not uncommon!!!

Glad you saw it too Lofty - nice to know we're normal. ;o}
One of the strangest things I ever saw on TV was George Cole wearing a nappy and being 'mothered' by Geraldine James.
Seriously creepy Ethel.
Ha, ha, Ethel - I bet that was a site for sore eyes! ;o}

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all in one pyjamas

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